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Yesterday, I found a hummingbird feather

on my front porch. 

Tiny and perfect it is blushed with green 

and tipped with black. 

Today, I watched a hummingbird 

visit the last of the roses,

sharp beak investigating each for possibility 

before zipping away between the trees. 

We saw nine wild turkeys 

cross the road 

on our way to town 

and as they flew away 

a feather popped off of one 

and landed right by the tires. 

Of course, we stopped the car to pick it up. 

Yesterday, we walked 

on a concrete trail in town,

past cascades of honeysuckle 

perfuming the air with sweetness. 

I found some tiny cardinal feathers 

on the path,

tips barely tinged with pink. 

We found some Osage oranges too

on a storm splintered branch 

and carried them back to our car 

fingers sticky with sap. 

Today, I sat in the morning sunshine 

with my tea,

the sky light blue and dotted 

with cheery, white puffs of cloud. 

The air feels like September,

cool and with a hint of change. 

The way the sunlight catches 

in my half-closed eyelashes 

it looks like there are rainbow butterflies 

dancing in front of my eyes.

Each day we are invited to collaborate 

with what is here,

to open our hands and our eyes 

to the gifts of the day,

to live our pieces of the World Story 

as it continues to unfurl.

This week's shop update includes new color experiments in a variety of styles! We also still have some more We'Moon 2023 datebooks, Fall Logbooks, and we have October prayerbooks in early!

This week's magic! Blog posts and resources:

What we are...


  • Trickster Tales from Around the World (to kids for literature class)
  • Deltora Quest (to kids)
  • Just Finished: Don't Just Sit There, Do Nothing
  • Just Started: Roar Like a Goddess

Listening to:

  • On audio book: How to Do Nothing
  • On audio for kids literature class: Front Desk
  • Yarrow Magdalena's Embodied Business podcast


  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.
  • Rings of Power
  • Thor: Love and Thunder

Happy about:

  • Making a nifty new little opt-in kit: 9 ways to come back to the sacred!
  • Testing my wings with live virtual events and having them go pretty well!
  • Submitting the manuscript for the first volume of In the Temple of the Ordinary. I shared a bit of this story with our live virtual circle last Friday, but essentially I started to experiment with a new simple software for book layout (Kindle Create) and it took me from feeling totally stalled out and paralyzed on my FOUR + book projects, to a finished draft in like two days. Seriously. On Thursday I was saying, “maybe I can finish one of these piles of drafts by November.” And, then on Saturday, I had a finished manuscript and cover design ready to submit. How quickly things can change when we have the right tools! I now expect it to be ready in the shop by November or earlier.
  • Having French translations of some of my writing (about small sacredness) in Lune Bleue magazine

Working on:

  • Helping our oldest son with a paper about censorship for his mass media class.
  • All new videos for October Magic (stay tuned for more info, but we are doing a discounted offer with code: 30days!). I've made more than forty new videos since August. Whew!
  • New color cut-your-own cards for October and November + December #30DaysofGoddess prayerbooks.
  • Sorting the rest of my gigantic documents of poems into four separate, more specific book files.

Thinking about:

Looking forward to:
  • Working on more books!

May we be brave enough
to give ourselves
what we need:
time to create
and time to sit,
time to connect
and time for solitude,
time to give
and time to receive,
time to do
and time to be,
time to push
and time to rest,
time to spin our magic into being. 

Thank you so much for being here!

Much love,

Molly, Mark, + Family


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