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I gather my hope into my hands,
bring my fingertips to my lips
and kiss them gently,
then open my hands
and watch these precious
and fragile offerings soar,
a prayer of promise offered to life,
a spell of possibility cast
beneath a bright summer sky. 


This week's shop update includes more of our new pocket goddesses and minis as well as a restock of our Fall Leaves goddesses and gods and our August kits for Patreon members!

This week's magic! Blog posts and resources:

What we are...


  • Just Started: Frindle (to kids for language arts class), Five Good Minutes of Mindfulness
  • Almost Finished: A Clock of Stars (to kids)
  • Just Finished: The Girl in His Shadow
  • Just Got: Don't Just Sit There, Do Nothing

Listening to:


  • The rest of the Kung-Fu Panda movies.
  • The last three episodes of Schitt's Creek.
  • Training videos from "Project Next" (business class we just signed up for).

Happy about:

  • Getting the We'Moon 2023 datebooks in the mail! I'm so thrilled to have been the feature writer for the 2023 Holy Days entries (8 seasonal pieces and a welcome to the year).
    • Unboxing video is here. I'll have copies for sale with a small bonus in the shop next week.
  • Fall colors + winter colors in the works
  • Finishing both the Fall Logbook AND the October prayerbooks (September's are already on their way to me).
  • Having finally had a graduation party/dinner for our oldest son (Lann).

Working on:

  • Holy Days companion booklet for our Goddess Magic community on Patreon as well as an audio "behind the scenes."
  • Rearranging the #30DaysofGoddess home page to be more useful and less cluttered.
  • Color cards for September's practice.
  • Getting our new homeschool year off to a good start without being too pushy/doing too much.
  • Weekly posts for Global Goddess
  • The first volume of "In the Temple of the Ordinary"--if I keep including this on my list each week, I hope I will really end up making space to focus and work on it! A major Cauldron Month goal was to focus on letting this one brew. however, assorted unexpected events (and inspirations!) have popped up instead.

Thinking about:

  • Getting textbooks for our oldest's first semester of college and how things will change for our family as we enter this new stage.
  • What to choose/where to go with new class offering ideas.
  • Whether or not to start back up with our homeschool co-op.
  • Self-care and how the cauldron bubbles in unexpected ways and reveals unexpected things.
Looking forward to:

I used to crave a connection with the goddess,
longing to feel the sacred alive in my life,
to make a space in my world
to dance with devotion
and dialogue with divinity.
Now I know her,
and real.
I know the breath of the holy
in my own chest,
the touch of the sacred
in my own skin.

Thank you so much for being here!

Much love,

Molly, Mark, + Family


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