April/May, 2014


Sharon Gothard Weisman, Psychic Medium

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PROVE IT...please
I think if you ask any psychic medium one of the phrases they hear most, it would be these two words – Prove It.

“Prove It” questions usually come from skeptics, but they’re also asked by people who understand the Universe and spirituality. I even ask my own guides every once and a while to tell me something specific, especially when I’m feeling particularly weird about my gift, (which anyone who has had a reading has heard me say those exact words.) We all want verification that there is something out there greater than us. We need proof that we are not the center of the Universe so we can call upon a larger force when we need help or advice.

In here lies the problem. I can’t prove it. There is no proof for something that just is.    It took me many years to comprehend what that meant and even more time to accept it. But I remember the exact moment I realized I didn’t have to ask for proof. I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I was a fraction of the Universe. I understood that every single human being and every breathing cell on the planet was also a fraction of the same Universe. It’s all connected. We are all the same. And, because we are all part of the Universe, we are all pure Love. It became simply a matter of fact.

So, when I’m asked to answer a ‘prove it’ question, I can’t. I explain that the work I do actually has nothing to do with me. I’m just a conduit for the Universe. I have no control over the information I receive. I never know who is going to talk to me or what they are going to say. I just listen. Gratefully, most of the time I do get the answer to ‘the prove’ it question. The believers sigh in relief. The skeptics think a.) maybe there’s something to this; b.) It’s a coincidence; c.) I’m a witch or d.) I’ve performed a magic trick. Other times the answer never comes – and then the cynics get to walk away with a smile on their face and a smirk at the Universe. And everyone moves on. Everyone, that is, except one special person - my eldest son Dylan.

Dylan is a 22-year-old college senior majoring in Business Math and Statistics. His mind functions in logic. He has told me point blank that if something cannot be quantified in mathematical terms it cannot exist. Yet he grew up with me as his mother. He watched me year after year help hundreds of people as a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Advisor. I’ve worked with some of his friends, freaked out other ones and am generally accepted by both my boys’ friends as “the Jewish mom who feeds everybody and talks to dead people.” In recent years, Dylan and I have had discussions, debates and outright arguments as he tried to correlate what I do with how he sees the world. As you can imagine, we have had some spirited and often frustrated conversations...on both
sides of the fence.

I wanted the words to convey my world and beliefs to my son. I kept waiting for the answer and finally the Universe gave me what it knew I needed. The answer came not in scientific terms, medical facts and discoveries or even in the language of math. The words came to me in the language of the Universe itself, the language of love.

I asked Dylan if he’d ever seen the movie Contact, starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey. He vaguely remembered it. I explained there was a scene between the two leads that was just like our conversations. Jodie played a scientist devoted to the language of math. Matthew played a minister devoted to faith. The two of them where having the Science vs. Spirituality debate when Matthew abruptly pauses. He takes a deep breath and says to Jodie, “Did you love your father?” Jodie quickly replies, “Very much.” Matthew then looks her dead in the eyes and says, “Prove it.” She had nothing to say to that. And either did Dylan when I told him about the scene.

At that moment my son and I called a truce in our years long discussion. Now, I’m not going to say that he has totally come over to the other side. Dylan is one of the most brilliant and remarkable guys I know. His amazing brain is steeped in logic and reason. He questions everything and lives life to the ultimate. Dylan has been my teacher from the day he was born and I still learn more from him today than I will ever admit. On the other hand, he does concede that there may be something to this having faith thing. Dylan realizes his Jewish mom who feeds everybody and talks to dead people may be on to something. He's proud of the fact that I'm able to help so many people in such an unusual way. And he even ponders the fact that he could have some of this spiritual ability within him.

But above all, that moment with Dylan brought a sense of calm over our relationship. Now I am sure there is one fact that Dylan will never have to question – the fact that I love him and his brother Garrett unconditionally. Dylan will never have to ask me to prove it. My child will never need to search for a mathematical formula or discover scientific evidence. My son knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that his mother’s unconditional love for her children is just a matter of fact.


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