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Audio Landscaping - Designing the Sounds of Pantheon

Hey everyone - Chris ‘Joppa’ Perkins here to take a deeper look at the music and sound design of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

I became passionate about music in MMOs during my days playing EverQuest. One of my earliest memories was running through the “newbie” area outside the gates of Freeport and hearing the music in that area for the first time. That music fueled the creation of many characters, and actually made me excited to explore more of the world - all from a single track.

It was a dream of mine, not only to work on these kind of games, but perhaps one day to compose the music for them, which would hopefully have the lasting effect on others as the music in my favorite MMOs had on me. That dream became a reality when I joined the Pantheon team as the music composer in 2014. Now, as the Creative Director, music composition and sound design is still one of my chief roles, and I take it very seriously.

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True MMO Gaming for a New Generation

In other news this month Team VR has begun plans to start 'educating the masses.' Many older gamers who have experienced previous generations of MMO games understand the concepts that Pantheon aims to create. But there is a whole new generation who has yet to experience it. As such we are cooking up some darn cool ideas that are sure to be a ton of fun for both the classically-inclined and the current-gen gamer. Stay tuned to for more on MMO Renaissance Gaming 101 coming soon!
Creative Director Chris "Joppa" Perkins tells the tale of how he first became involved with Pantheon and a peak into how his passion for music and sound still plays a major role in his dedication to the game.

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