Some candidate surveys legitimately attempt to inform. Some just don't.
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Worst Candidate Surveys 

We get a lot of surveys from political interest groups. Here are the three that had me facepalming the hardest:

# 3 ProEnglish

As a blind person, I benefit from government empowerment programs that provide me with a skilled caregiver. One of the things my caregiver is able to assist with is reading mail with me when it’s not blind accessible—including my early voter ballot and my candidate questionnaire from ProEnglish. Coming from the perspective of accessibility, I had to raise an eyebrow at this question: “Should taxpayer dollars be used to provide government services in an unlimited number of languages via costly translated documents, websites, and interpreters?”  

ProEnglish assured my campaign that the organization doesn’t oppose the use of braille and ASL for government services—but they couldn’t tell us how this was different from the use of Spanish. They emphasized that they only wanted to exclude non-English languages, but ASL is a non-English language. They reiterated cost, but printing braille ballots and other government documents is costly. Whatever ProEnglish’s reason for wanting to limit accessibility for some voters, it’s better for democracy to include everyone.


# 2 National Right to Life

National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) is a PAC focused on electing candidates who want to criminalize abortion and restrict autonomy in end-of-life decision-making. In the section on “Involuntary Euthanasia,” (?!?!) NRLC asks me to limit the role of ethics when physicians approach end-of-life care with patients. But in the section on “Abortion: Conscience Protection,” the PAC aims to enhance the role of religion when corporations approach reproductive health care.

Unlike NRLC, I believe we need to do much more to make sure people have access to the health care they need—and the autonomy to make health care decisions must be protected.  


Chip in $5, $25, $50 or $150 to stand with me against National Right to Life Committee and for universal access to health care!

# 1 Pray the Vote

The question earning Pray the Vote the #1 Most Horrible Candidate Questionnaire of 2014 attempts to build a false association between marriage equality and some of the most despicable crimes humans can commit. I was asked to mark how much I agree with the following statement: “Gay marriage means a redefinition of sexual morality and opens the door for other practices such as pedophilia, prostitution and sex trafficking to be legalized.”

The marriage of two consenting adults with legal standing should never, ever be associated with child rape or sex slavery. Pray the Vote is not just making an incorrect association here—these are dangerous comparisons that are responsible for the fear and persecution of our LGBT community. Even in an era where both legal and social support for marriage equality is on the rise, violence against LGBT people occurs at an alarming rate. Spreading an ideology that results in violence, marginalization and death for politically vulnerable people is unconscionable. Shame on Pray the Vote.


Chip in $5, $25, $50 or $150 to stand with me against Pray the Vote and for marriage equality!


Let's make this election the most accessible, compassionate and equal in US history!
James Woods
Progressive Democratic for Congress
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