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Five things I don't want to ever do again!

Apr 23, 2015 04:32 pm | Dave Kraft

If you are in anyway like me, you learn from your experiences and decide something like, "Well, I'll never do that again."

Here are five things that, with his help, I don't want to ever do again.

1.  Use my time in such a way that it leads to burnout

In my 20s and 30s I was a complete idiot, over-reaching and over-committing. To keep people happy, I said yes too many times and didn’t say no enough. I over-estimated my capacity and traveled way too fast trying to do too much and fell into “performance leadership.” I was trying too hard and not trusting enough. I don’t want to ever go at an insane pace again and be a poor energy and time steward.

2.  Be in too big of a hurry to select a team member

I made serious mistakes in being in too big of a hurry. I did everything fast. I ate fast, slept fast, worked fast and made decisions fast. There were times I should have just slowed down, especially when picking people. I should have vetted them well, looked at character and not just personality and competency. I should have asked other’s opinion(s) and not just gone with my gut or intuition. I don’t want to ever again be in a hurry in selecting a team member.

3.  Say yes to a request over the phone without taking time to think and pray

You can begin to see a pattern here. Most of the things I don’t want to ever do again have to do with the way I’m wired.  I’m a bottom-line, goal-oriented person and move at a quick pace--too quick! It helps me get things done, but there is a price tag attached to it. I’ve learned my lesson about giving in to a pleading voice over the phone.  I will not say yes to any request over the phone, but instead will buy time to think and pray. I now ask, “When, at the latest, do you need an answer on this?”  If they say right now then the answer is no. But if they give me some time to think and pray, it may (no guarantee) become yes. I don’t want to ever again commit to something over the phone without thinking and praying about it.

4.  Fail to own my sin when it is clear to me

I want to own my sin and not make excuses for myself or blame others when I’m responsible for what happened or because I made a poor decision. This has been referred to as keeping short accounts with God and others. I want to use words like, I’m sorry. It was my fault.  Please forgive me. I’m confessing and repenting about this. How many Christian leaders have you heard about, as well as business and government leaders, who make excuses and blame others instead of simply taking ownership? I don’t want to ever again blame others and make excuses for my sin.

5.  Try to be like somebody else and stop being me

My daughter, Anna, once saw a bumper sticker that said, “Be yourself, Everyone else is taken.”  Gotta love it!  I don’t want to be somebody else. I am tired of trying to be somebody I’m not, or trying to copy someone else I admire or look up to. By His grace, I want to be the best me I can be for His honor. I don’t want to ever again try to be somebody I’m not.


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