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In this edition, you will find a short review of the interesting days we had at Semicon Europe 2015 presenting our latest PVD system, the Cryofox Infinity VB, which offers many advantages because of the vertical sputtering set-up. 
You will also be introduced to the new product in our range of components. Developed and patented by Polyteknik AS, our superior magnetron sources have been designed to offer a target change in less than 2 minutes in combination with superior target cooling.
Thus offering you the fastest target change on the market today, we hope you will seize the opportunity and make the most of our special December offer.
And we will of course also keep you in the loop regarding the latest achievements regarding our long-term project at the Paranal site of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Chile. 
We hope you will enjoy reading.

Warm regards,

Susanne Libergreen
International Sales
Successful Exhibition at SEMICON Europe 2015
The participation at SEMICON EUROPE has become a good tradition for Polyteknik AS.
As the largest semiconductor event in Europe, it is an important meeting point for both existing and new business relations.
This year was no exception, and the presentation of our new system concepts attracted a lot of attention.
Depicted in nearly full size, the display with our new Cryofox Infinity VB sputtering system caught the eye and interest of many visitors.
As did also our upgraded Cryofox Cluster tool concept, which integrates up to 5 process chambers, fully automatic substrate handling and high throughput, making it a perfect match for the semicon wafer based processing industry.
We thank all visitors for their interest and for three interesting and fruitful days in Dresden.
Cryofox Infinity VB - Our New Vertical Sputtering System
As mentioned above, Polyteknik AS has just recently launched a new deposition concept called Infinity VB. The concept is based on a flexible vertical sputtering process, where the substrates are mounted on a vertical fixture, placed in the load lock, and from there automatically processed. The design and the flexibility of this new concept offer a large number of advantages. The risk of pinholes due to dust or flaking of deposited materials in the chamber is brought to an absolute minimum because of the vertical processing.The standard load lock ensures fast pump down and high throughput.

The system is prepared for dual side sputtering – ensuring either double throughput or coating of substrates from both sides. As standard it can be equipped with up to six linear magnetrons covering an active coating area of 650 x 650 mm. Combined with our strong Cryosoft3 control software the system automatically process, control and log advanced processes including reactive and non-reactive DC, RF, Bipolar or HiPIMS sputtering.
The entire concept is prepared for in-line processing – connecting several process chambers to deposit e.g. advanced high quality multilayer stacks by reactive sputtering.

During the first semester of 2016 our SubCon division expects to complete the in-house installation of an extended version of an Infinity VB. Once installed we will be able to offer our SubCon clients to benefit from these advantages too, such as the advanced deposition of electrodes, multilayer optical stacks, mirrors, reflectors and absorbers on large area substrates of up to approx. 650 mm x 2200 mm.

For more information, please contact our Sales office.
New Line of Superior Magnetron Sources
Based on years of experience working in the sputtering industry and designing and manufacturing our own sputtering systems in-house, we have created a line of superior magnetron sources, developed and patented by Polyteknik AS, in order to satisfy both the needs of our customers and our in-house production.
The sources are available in circular or linear versions and are compatible with most known sputtering processes like DC, RF, HiPIMS, Bipolar and Pulsed DC.
Furthermore, our design ensures the fastest target change on the market in combination with superior target cooling – valuable properties in both R&D and production.

  • Patented design
  • Easy change of target without breaking cooling water circuit
  • DC/RF/HiPIMS/Pulsed DC/Bipolar
  • Strong magnet setup allows for sputtering of magnetic materials
  • Cut to length
  • Two standard target widths: 40 mm or 80 mm
Showcase model
Main dimensions 150 x 160 x 750 mm (W x H x L)
Max power At least DC 6000 W
Max current 15 A
Required water flow 250 l/hr – 500 l/hr
Target size/thickness 730 mm x 80 mm / 2-6mm (Copper target)
Weight 35 kg
Special December Offer!
Cryofox 4” circular planar magnetron source
Compact and easy to install.
Target change in less than 2 minutes and superior target cooling!

All Cryofox magnetrons provide shielded electrical paths, which allow RF as well as DC power to the cathode with minimum line losses and low reflection of RF power.
The Cryofox sputter source has a unique feature of allowing low operational pressures (1x10-3 mbar) as well as high operational pressures (1x10-1 mbar) without losing the focused plasma to the target.
  • Superior target cooling using directly cooled cathode (>85% efficient)
  • No mechanical target clamping – simple magnetic target keeper
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Provides high magnetic flux density at target surface
  • Strong magnet setup allows for sputtering of magnetic materials
  • Easy connection of power and cooling through quick connectors
  • Fast target change, without breaking cooling water circuit
  • Mounted on a shaft of variable length up to 400mm
  • Quick coupling included – other variants ask for quote.
  • Normal price: 4700 EUR ex. VAT
SAVE 1705 EUR!

(valid till 31/12/2015)
Water Cooling System Successfully Installed at the Paranal Site
The third and most comprehensive mission in the overhaul of ESO’s large 8m mirror coater for the VLT project has been carried out during the first weeks of November.
A team of six co-workers from Polyteknik went to the ESO Paranal site to install an entirely new water cooling system and a new control system.

The water cooling system includes a pumping station with pumps, filter and water analysis equipment. This station feeds three individual water manifolds, each comprised of flowmeters, valves, safety equipment and electronics for communication, which again feed all the equipment on the large 8m coater with cooling water.
Forthcoming Exhibitions
Get fully updated on the latest product and process news from Polyteknik.
Visit us or our representatives at these exhibitions:


ITER Business Forum IBF/16
February 8-11, 2016: Monaco
Come and meet the Polyteknik team

Plasma Surface Enigineering - PSE 2016
Sept. 12-16, 2016: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Come and meet the Polyteknik team

SEMICON Europa 2016
October 25-27, 2016: Grenoble, France
Come and meet the Polyteknik team

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