Hello to all our fantastic flyers!


Spring is springing upon us here in the parks; the weather is turning from horribly rainy and windy to merely occasionally horribly rainy and windy and we all know what that means… The first batch of classes for summer 2020 will go on sale soon! Fingers crossed for those gaps in the clouds...

Head to from 6pm on Friday 13th March to book your classes for both of our school locations. Classes sell fast so make sure you put the date in your diary!

Classes at Regents Park will begin on the 25th April.

Classes at Kensington Gardens will begin on the 9th May.

Classes are put on sale approximately a month in advance and will be released throughout the summer as usual, the first batch of classes will reach the 24th May.


Class Levels:

This year we will be re-introducing the Level 4 class and re-shuffling the requirements for Level 2!

Level requirements for 2020 will be as follows:

Level 1 - Everyone above the age of 8! This is still an All-Levels class so returning students can still join in.
Level 2 - To now join a Level 2 class it will not only be required that you have caught your knee-hang, but also that you have started learning at least 2 other position tricks and have started learning a one-hand take-off. This basically means that you should attend a minimum of 3 Level 1 classes before moving into Level 2. 

Level 3 - Will remain as normal: able to swing out of lines safely, and comfortable and competent working platform for yourself and others as there is no platform assistant in this class. You must have been approved to join this class by an Instructor. If your board skills are feeling a little rusty after the winter break then make sure you book level 2 not level 3 to re-fresh!

Level 4 - To attend a Level 4 class you must be able to swing out of lines, work the board, turn around and return to the platform out of lines, have a back end trick out of lines and are working on a set-break type trick. 


If you are concerned about what level you should be booking please email

Gorilla Circus Coaching Team for 2020


As you may be able to tell from the tone of this newsletter once again managing the school team will be the insanely well organised Holly Watson. 


Administrative Heros Arabella and Paige are once again in residence; Arabella will be steering the ship and allowing Holly to write bad newsletters. Paige will continue to master all the behind-the-scenes madness that goes on to allow us all to fly!  


We are proud to welcome back some of our old favourites:

  • Giovana and Walisson from Brazil 
  • Bruno Luna from Mexico
  • Brenna Day from Australia
  • Aga Marcickiewicz whom I’m super excited to finally welcome to the coaching team! 

We are also welcoming some majorly talented instructors from across the globe this year to keep our technique fresh and bring new ideas. I can’t wait to reveal more about them!


Gorilla Circus Team


Note: There are currently no government announcements that would lead us to believe that activities such as ours would be cancelled or postponed, however if such a situation occurs any affected students would of course be entitled to a full refund.

Our usual class cancellation policies are:  

  1. Full refund if you cancel your class 7 days before it . 
  2. Option to reschedule up to 72 hour (3 days) before your class. 
  3. If it's less than 3 days notice then there is no refund, but you can pass your class on to a friend for them to attend instead of you. 
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