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Publisher                                                                                          Volume 2 Issue #1
Cheryl Allen-Hunter                                                                             December 2013

Maitreya Sangha


I’m Back!  

Where have I been, you ask?

Living in Santa Monica for the last two years, taking classes from the charmingly enigmatic and seemingly irreverent,
Crazy Wisdom master and expressionist, Bryan Kest.

Crazy Wisdom or crazy-wise refers to a particular style of yoga instruction and being.  A fearless and spontaneous teaching by one whom is seemingly intoxicated with unbounded, luminous, loving energy.  “Yeshe chölwa” crazy or wild, holy wisdom, was largely introduced in the West by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a pre-eminent Tibetan Buddhist.  Divine madness is also a long held tradition by Hindi, Christian, Sufi, Mystics, Transcendentalist and the secular.

Clearly mindful of the paradox, Crazy Wisdom flies in the face of fixed cultural norms, standards, habits or psychological patterns, electing rather to express spontaneously the “real self” or teacher within.

Bryan Kest’s instruction is simultaneously cleansing, exhausting, yet exhilarating.  His World-Wide Web view and spin is simple and authentic, weaving silken tunnels of humor with punctuating whimsical burps to sensual innuendos of what he terms the warm- up practice of very basic postures or asanas, that even “GrandMa” can do.


This, mile high instruction, crests after kneading embedded knots of mental angst, repetitive thought spirals, internalized personal and societal conflicts such as relationship issues so it can ultimately tsunami, like colossal tidal waves of opposing pillars of “What is, is not,’ and ‘What is not, is...‘ to vacuum, space,” granting clarity or flashes of insight, even a synthesis.

I call it, “shock and awe.”

Human beings are innately perfect, he says, so a return to the refined conscious state is greatly enhanced by Meditation.  Bryan suggests Vipassana, 10 Day Meditation retreats to connect to one’s basic goodness and build confidence, pragmatic to everyday life.  He also says, what he offers is like “a yoga buffet. Take from it what you want, but don’t blame the cook if you eat too much.  Claim personal responsibility for your choices.”

Not everything fits all.

Bryan Kest Power Yoga



An Eternal Flame

A Flame is Active----
A Flame is Vital----
A Flame is Eternal.

I Am a God Flame of radiant love from the very Heart of God In the Great Central Sun, descending from the Master of Life!

Pilgrim upon earth,
I Am walking daily the way of the Ascended Master’s Victory that leads to my Eternal Freedom by the power of the Sacred Fire this day and always...

Continually made manifest in my thoughts, feelings and immediate awareness. Transcending and transmuting all the elements of earth within my four lower bodies and freeing me by the power of the Sacred Fire from those misqualified foci of energy within my being.

I am set free right now from all that binds. By and through the currents of the Divine fame of the Sacred Fire itself. Whose ascending action makes me God in manifestation, God in action, God by direction and God in consciousness!

Returning me to the Heart of God, from whence in Truth I Am come to do God’s Will and manifest Abundant Life to all!

A Keeper’s Daily Prayer


Elizabeth Claire Prophet



Sangha Community


Our intone path of Fiery hymns awaken

Inner straight-knowledge and inspiration.

Inner striving with the heart, leads to expressing

Inner Truth, our indwelling wise dominion, as Wisdom.

Rationale, logically subservient, actively minimized.

Passion drops, distilled to pure ashes synthesized

 As nectar ghee, an eternal wellspring Hung in the Heart, Aflame. 

Pure liquid gold of joyful refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

                                      OM AH HUNG 




The Call To Peace 


Protectress of the Snows!

 Fear Not I Am With You Always

         I Am, All, ...Knowing

We create to imbue a higher spiral to wave forth the needed expiation, the Banner of Truth, embodied in spatial time.  Harken to behold; be ready for time moves quickly and the mind stills the performance of the Will.  Clear out the dust fragments and forge anew.  We've much to do.  Light-heartiness will get you through... surprises, the analyzing, the systemizing of tangible curves in the gateway of traveling at the speeds of light; at the lightning speed of sound re-verberating within the soul, beating, pleating, pulsating, in repeating Our Commands to thee.  Meditate; the salve inculcates the fresh czars from the Sun; co-mingle, entangle and surrender to the spontaneous, the combustion of rallying Our Ally.  Omni-fusion, infusion, suffusion, yea diffusion.  Be, ye the temple of the Cosmic Son, the Sol Drum, h-om-e-mming solstitial arcade to humanity.



  1. 1.Tuyet Simmons-secured job in engineering in Albuquerque New Mexico.
    2.Gabriel Garcia-is Senior Associate with First Republic Private Wealth Management.
    3.Zlata Kovac-now has two beautiful Grandkids!
    4.Marcus Fontoura-new Partner Architect, Online Division, with Microsoft. 
    5.Sameer Padhye, Irma and Jayden have a beautiful second home in Mexico. 





"Aum is the Creative Word, the whirl of the vibratory…"

by Paramahansa Yoganandaji    

Joyous Holidays to Each & All

May We Be At Peace to Heal Our Earth

In Response to this Call


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