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People on a boat in a wetland full of biodiversity
Time for Action: IPBES
The recent IPBES Global Assessment depicts a grim picture of a mass extinction of species. At least a million species are at risk – and the continuing loss and degradation of wetlands makes it worse. Find out what we can do about it.
Northern Shoveler
Not another species
It's a story of three feathered friends who shared the resources of lake Abijatta in Ethiopia. Now the lake is receeding drastically and becoming increasingly saline - losing features that these birds depended on. What will happen to these birds?
World Migratory Bird Day
On World Migratory Bird Day, we pause to recognise the miraculous journeys of waterbirds across seas and continents that remind us of how we are connected and of our responsibility to work together to safeguard precious natural resources.
Taking care of mangroves
Is it people vs. nature or people for nature? We believe people are part of the solution to safeguard nature and restore wetlands. Communities close to the magnroves in Rufiji delta learn how to better take care of mangroves and its nature.
Marsh deer
For marsh deer
As part of the Corredor Azul Programme, we have started the process of strengthening the biodiversity corridor of the Parana Delta in Argentina, which will also contribute to the preservation of marsh deer in the Buenos Aires province.
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