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Marine Protected Areas
E-zine: Autumn 2020

Three large projects are building the knowledge and tools needed to manage Marine Protected Areas around the island of Ireland and western Scotland with a particular focus on cross-border arrangements. This e-zine covers activities during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown period.

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Upcoming MPA projects meeting

The many contributors to the COMPASS, SeaMonitor and MarPAMM projects will come together with key stakeholders in a virtual meeting to create a shared vision on how marine research projects in the Interreg VA Cross Border Programme Area can work together more effectively. The discussion-based virtual event will go ahead in the afternoons of 24-26 November. It will be informed by pre-recorded presentations on progress in each project available a week before the meeting. We will report on discussions in our next e-zine.

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Seal on the beach
Can you seal me?
MarPAMM has teamed up with the Sea Mammal Research Unit to produce a map of how grey and harbour seals are distributed in the waters of our project area, an essential step in establishing the impact of shipping noise on seal populations.
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MarPAMM goes digital on the island of Ireland
Usually we talk to stakeholders to involve them in managing MPAs. During Covid-19 restrictions, this became impossible and we thus developed a regional and two site specific Facebook pages for our stakeholder communities on the island of Ireland.
Digital Map
Black Guillemots
Black guillemots: in decline in Northern Ireland?
The spring outbreak of Covid-19 meant that much of our seabird work had to be delayed by a year. We are now getting ready to tag black guillemots at Bangor Marina and Lighthouse Island next spring to study their foraging habitat. Knowing where they feed is important to protect this species that is suspected to be on the decline in Northern Ireland.
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Automated Instrumentation
Automated instrumentation allows COMPASS science to continue
The coronavirus lockdown has affected research that involves animal tagging, routine environmental sampling and research-vessel-dependent data collection but automated instruments that were already in place at sea and in rivers continued to collect data for example of salmon and trout movements and of baseline oceanographic parameters.
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The sounds of lockdown seas
COMPASS staff had deployed sound recorders off western Scotland and Northern Ireland during the late winter and spring that due to lockdown could not be retrieved until July 2020. This resulted in a serendipitous experiment that recorded the sound of the sea during lockdown.
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Data Managers
COMPASS data managers haven’t let COVID-19 hamper progress
Our data management team has been busy working towards a new data portal on the COMPASS website, held a data management workshop, and talked about the challenges posed by large data sets and harmonisation between different
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Celtic Voyager
Staying on track – despite pandemic
Despite the pandemic SeaMonitor has tagged 250 fish from 5 rivers in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland and released a project video.
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The low down on flapper skate
Did you know about this rare and wonderful animal native to our regional waters? Well, you will after listening to Drs Amy Garbett and Natasha Phillips from Queen’s University Belfast!
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Flapper skate

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