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MPA E-zine Spring 2020
Marine Protected Areas
E-zine: Spring 2020

Read here about the latest news on the migrations of sharks, seals, salmon and sand while our own travelling is on halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although fieldwork is postponed, work on our three MPA management projects has been progressing: SeaMonitor, COMPASS and MarPAMM create new knowledge and skills to enable better protection of the species, habitats and communities in the Marine Protected Areas off the island of Ireland and western Scotland.

Keep safe!

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Salmon migration research
Go north and swim fast
COMPASS research discovers new migrations routes for young salmon and has tracked the movements of a salmon over a record distance at sea.
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Oban hosts COMPASS annual meeting
Attended by project partners, policy leads and stakeholders, the seminar provided an update on progress from the project and presented current findings such as migration paths of salmon and cetaceans around the Scottish/Irish coasts.
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COMPASS annual meeting in Oban
Ewan at the World Marine Mammal Conference
Ewan at the World Marine Mammal Conference
This meeting brought together top marine mammal researchers from every continent, including three scientists from the COMPASS project.
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SeaMonitor News SeaMonitor Logo
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Rehabilitating seals
In a first for Northern Ireland, we are tracking rehabilitated harbour seal pups after they are released back into the wild. Learn more about the first species we study as part of the SeaMonitor project.
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Tagging basking sharks
A tagging study has confirmed that basking sharks migrate across the North Atlantic. This highlights the importance of collaborating across borders to protect migrating marine species.
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Basking Shark
SeaMonitor Saff
Introducing new staff
The SeaMonitor team of scientists and administrators continues to grow as more staff are recruited across the partnership:
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Flapper skate networking
Researchers and environmental managers from across Ireland and Scotland working on the critically endangered Flapper Skate assembled at Queens University Belfast for a workshop.
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Flapper Skate Networking
MarPAMM News MarPAMM Logo
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Studying coastal erosion at Murlough beach
We are conducting regular surveys of Co. Down’s Newcastle to Dundrum beach system to find out how and why our coastline changes to help us plan how to use and protect our fragile coastal environment.
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Tracking gulls in NW Ireland
To identify where large gull species forage, how they use our project area and where they may interact with fisheries, offshore energy and other human activities over the year, we fitted 18 GPS tracking devices and engraved colour leg-rings to numerous birds in Sligo and Donegal.
Gull Tracking
SEASoH Survey
Outer Hebrides MPA survey
We are calling people associated with the Outer Hebrides to share their views on the future of Marine Protected Area management by taking part in an online survey (by 8 June)
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