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We hate being right about this, but...

Today the school board admitted in an email to parents what we've been saying all along - they've been hard at work behind closed doors revising the boundary policy. Before executing county-wide boundary changes, they must change the boundary policy.

In less than two weeks, the firm they hired to review and draft a proposed new boundary policy will hold virtual meetings to present information on their boundary policy review. 

FCPS is Hosting 3 Informational Meetings About Boundaries
Buried in a long weekly email, deep between an announcement about requiring athlete vaccinations and crucial information about COVID protocols, FCPS announced 3 community meetings "to share input about the boundary policy review." 
Register For One of Their Virtual "Community Meetings" to Learn More

The only opportunity to provide feedback or input will be via an online survey.

We will send you an update tomorrow with more information on their planned survey.

FOIA Reveals What School Board Really Wants

Recent FOIAs reveal that the school board wants the same unpopular changes we protested two years ago.  They seem to want the same boundary factors as proposed in 2019 to still play a major role in the policy:  race and socioeconomic class.

In June 2020, MGT Consulting interviewed school board members one-on-one to gather their input on a new boundary policy.  The firm asked each school board member these questions:  
View All Questions Consultants Asked Each School Board Member Here
What is interesting is that our FOIA revealed several drafts of these interview questions, highlighting that the school board explicitly asked the consultants to make sure they include socioeconomics (and some unspeakable topic) in their working interviews.

This second topic is such a no-no that they blacked it out from our FOIA to us due to "attorney-client privilege" despite this NOT being a communication with an attorney. What was blacked out?


What Are Their Answers?

We emailed each school board member asking them what their answers were to the consultant questionsThey have each opened our email, but none have responded yet.

Will MGT Consulting Share Their Answers in one of the community meetings?

It's up to us to protest. Demand answers!

Send This Email To All SB Representatives Demanding Answers

or email/call them individually...

  • Karen Keys-Gamarra, at-large member,, 571-423-1091
  • Abrar Omeish, at-large member,, 571-423-1089
  • Rachna Sizemore Heizer, at-large member,, 571-423-1090
  • Megan McLaughlin, Braddock District,, 571-423-1088
  • Elaine Tholen, Dranesville District,, 571-423-1087
  • Melanie Meren, Hunter Mill District,, 571-423-1082
  • Tamara Derenak Kaufax, Lee District,, 571-423-1081
  • Ricardy Anderson, Mason District,, 571-423-1083
  • Karen Corbett Sanders, Mount Vernon District
  • Karl Frisch, Providence District,, 571-423-1084
  • Laura Jane Cohen, Springfield District,, 571-423-1080
  • Stella Pekarsky, Chair, Sully District,, 571-423-1085

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The school board has to provide the information that we request in our FOIAs - so they know we know!  We believe this is why they are now trying to quickly push through changes to the boundary policy.

Your generous donations to fund our FOIAs are working!   Keep it up! 
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