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In this newsletter: we enhanced our flights' analysis to automatically identify and score circling approaches. And AirSync recently completed their integration with CloudAhoy to enable automatic upload of G1000 flights. 

About all this - read ahead. 
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NEW: Circling Approach 

We recently released an enhancement to CloudAhoy's flight analyzer - circling approaches are now automatically identified. This is available in both CloudAhoy Standard and CloudAhoy Pro.  

For CloudAhoy Pro users – additional information includes (like with non-circling approaches): waypoints on the profile graphs, and scoring by the CFI Assistant.

Circling approach – Auto-Segmentation

CloudAhoy now automatically identifies a circling approach and it is added to the segment list.  (Pro users have more details – see below).


Circling Approach, 2D view (Click to enlarge)

Circling approach, 3D view (Click to enlarge)


Circling approaches in CloudAhoy Pro

Like with any Instrument approach, an instrument approach in CloudAhoy Pro is listed in the Segment Manager as a hierarchical segment.

Circling approach with waypoint. [Barth, Germany] (Click to enlarge)

Read more http://blog... circling-approaches-identified-and-scored/ about circling approach and Segment Info (for Standard users) and CFI Assistant (for Pro users)


 AirSync - Automatic upload of G1000 flight data

AirSyncFlight data from the Garmin G1000 is an excellent input for debrief.  Currently, to use the G1000 data for debrief you need to import it to CloudAhoy from an SD Card.   

A new product called AirSync enables automatic upload of G1000 flight data. At the end of the flight it uploads the flight data to AirSync's servers over cellular connection; no pilot action is required.

AirSync is fully integrated with CloudAhoy: seconds after you shut down the plane, the flight appears in your CloudAhoy flight list. We tested the product and it works as advertised. Several of our clients are already using the AirSync/CloudAhoy integration.

For details how to configure AirSync to automatically upload flights data to your CloudAhoy account see . 
(This is available via AirSync integration with CloudAhoy's API). 

The rich data directly from the G1000 EFIS enhances the debrief’s accuracy and quality. You can see engine data, gauges, fuel, and other parameters, aligned and synced with the flight segments – as seen the screenshot below (click to enlarge):


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All of us at CloudAhoy wishing you a Happy Holiday, joy and good time with loved ones! 

Chuck Shavit
and the CloudAhoy team
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