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Ahoy Fellow Aviator <<First Name>>,

Many exciting things to update you on this month:
  • CloudAhoy is growing and we are happy to introduce you to our new pilot in command of marketing. 
  • Debrief your Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 flights with CloudAhoy.
  • We are hiring!

All this and more, read on!

Nineteen years ago, America was forever changed. Today we remember and honor those lost and celebrate the heroes and their extraordinary spirit. 

Welcome to the team, Brittney!  

CloudAhoy is happy to welcome a familiar face to the team, Brittney Miculka Tough. Brittney has been a friend of CloudAhoy for many years. We first met her in her role at AOPA as the Director of Pilot Community Development. After that, she moved over to Redbird Flight Simulations and focused on marketing and outreach about the benefits of simulators at all levels of flight training. As a commercial pilot and certificated flight instructor, Brittney also got to do some pretty fun flying as the host of the video series, Winging It. Most recently she was the training manager and test pilot for the KittyHawk Flyer eVTOL aircraft. 

Brittney will lead CloudAhoy’s marketing, social media, and training initiatives. She is excited and full of ideas to help you debrief more efficiently, study smarter, discover your good & bad habits, and fly safe. Meet Britt! 
Logging and Debriefing Flights from Microsoft Flight Sim 

Just like when you’re out flying, you can conveniently log flights from Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 either through the CloudAhoy iOS app on your iPhone or iPad, or, through an EFB such as ForeFlight or FlyQ. When using CloudAhoy’s iOS app with your desktop sim, you’ll need to first download a third party tool to get started. After that, it is the same as logging a real flight: enter the pilot name (or names), the tail number, and optional remarks, then tap START. Click here for more detailed steps and information on this topic.

EAA Tech Talk, “Sharpening Your Skills with CloudAhoy” is now available 

Interested in tips and tricks for debriefing your flights? A new training video is available.  

Ty Shuff, our customer liaison and an instrument rated private pilot, gave a presentation during EAA’s Spirit of Aviation Week and the recording is now available. Ty walks you through debriefs of his personal flights, both on his desktop sim and in the airplane, and shares some insights on what he thought about them. During this presentation, Ty debriefs an instrument currency flight, some VFR maneuvers, and a landing that the CFI Assistant scored a 93. But, since a good pilot is always learning, Ty looks into where he could have done even better. 

Starr Gate Renters Insurance App Powered by CloudAhoy

At CloudAhoy we enjoy working with some great partners. It allows us to affect aviation for the better in many different ways. Our approach is to be an open system and to integrate with aviation applications, and be part of the aviation eco-system. Starr Aviation Insurance has recently launched the innovative Starr Gate app to allow pilots to purchase renters insurance on demand, directly from their iPad. While the Starr Gate app helps streamline what is often a paperwork heavy endeavor, the heart of the app is the flight scoring powered by CloudAhoy.

The more your score improves, the bigger the discount you will receive on your insurance (don’t worry, app scores will never increase your insurance cost). With data from CloudAhoy, renter’s insurance can be better customized while also encouraging flight proficiency and safety. It’s putting data from the cockpit that you already capture to work by saving you money.

We are hiring!
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Chuck Shavit
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