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Ahoy Fellow Aviator <<First Name>>,

This year, Oshkosh is going to be extra special - we truly missed you all! If you are planning to attend, come visit us in Hangar C. 

Also in this newsletter - debriefing a strong crosswind landing and a new video from Flight Chops that focuses on an ILS approach and debrief. 

Read on!

We can’t wait to see you at AirVenture! 

The world’s greatest aviation celebration is finally back! EAA AirVenture (aka “Oshkosh”) is next month and the team can't wait to be there. We’ve missed seeing our friends and fellow CloudAhoy pilots and look forward to connecting with you soon. 
The CloudAhoy exhibit booth is located in Hangar C. We hope you’ll visit us to share your flying stories and any experiences you’ve had as you debrief with CloudAhoy. We love feedback! 

Click here for more information on our AirVenture activities. 

CloudAhoy in the Pilot Proficiency Center

Once again, CloudAhoy a proud sponsor and participant in the EAA Pilot Proficiency Center. 

The Pilot Proficiency Center is a gathering place for pilots of all levels to enhance their skills. Pilots will have the opportunity to fly challenging VFR and IFR scenarios in a Redbird simulator and then debrief the flight using CloudAhoy Pro. 

User Story: Debriefing a Crosswind Landing 

Grumman Tiger Pilot, Gary Bond shared a recent flight debrief with us where he executed a nice crosswind landing on RWY 18L at Huntsville International Airport (HSV). Throughout the approach winds were from the west at approximately 15 knots. Watching the flight through the 3D cockpit view, we can see how well he executed a crab angle into the wind to maintain his ground track with the runway centerline. His heading is 194, but the ground track is 185 and the green Flight Path Vector is aligned nicely on the runway. 

Reviewing Gary’s score, he did well to fly within or close to the goal ranges set by CloudAhoy. What is really impressive, and something many pilots struggle with even in light winds, is the precision with which he landed on the centerline in this crosswind. Even with the safety net of a 150 ft wide runway, CloudAhoy data shows that he landed only ONE foot off center – wow!!

Check out more details and watch a fun video of this landing in the CloudAhoy blog.

Flight Chops shares his #CloudAhoyScore

In his latest video, Flight Chops hand flies an ILS in strong winds. He debriefs the instrument approach with CloudAhoy Pro and receives a score of 91. Watch it here! 

Interested to see how you compare to Flight Chops and other pilots?

Take a screenshot of your debrief with a scored maneuver or approach, add the hashtag #CloudAhoyScore, and share it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. The pilot community can cheer on and support each other to stay active while challenging ourselves to have fun, be safe, and stay proficient.

Not a CloudAhoy Pro User, yet? No problem. New accounts get a free 35 day trial.

As always, any comment is welcome; simply reply to this email, or use the Feedback link. We reply to every email!

Chuck Shavit
and the CloudAhoy team

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