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New Training Video: How stable was my VFR Approach?

This video walks you through debriefing a VFR approach. At a first glance, the approach looks great: steady descent, well centered on the extended centerline; yet the approach score is “in the yellow” - why?  The CFI Assistant reveals problems which are not visible by just looking at the 3D track. 


Recommended: AirSync - Automatic upload of G1000 flight data

Flight data from the Garmin G1000 is an excellent input for debrief, with rich data including True Airspeed, RPM, engine data and and more.  AirSync enables fully automatic upload of G1000 flight data without the need for the pilot to touch the SD card. 

AirSync is integrated with CloudAhoy: seconds after you shut down the plane, the flight appears in your CloudAhoy flight list. For details about configuring AirSync to automatically upload flights data to your CloudAhoy account see  





February - Love, and X-Plane plugin (coming soon)

In celebration of Valentine's Day we recorded our annual heart using a flight simulator. This offered us an opportunity to test and showcase the plugin which will enable collection of rich data from your home simulator.

The plugin will be released soon. This flight was flown on X-Plane.


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