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Ahoy Fellow Aviator <<First Name>>,

Happy Halloween! No tricks here, just some treats about what we’ve been up to this month.  

  • Insights about scoring and analyzing approaches for a short field landing
  • Rusty Pilot Britt shares her flight debriefs as she works those flying muscles back into shape during her flight review.
  • We're hiring

This and more, read on...

*Don't forget to start logging before broomstick start up! Of course, you can always import your flight data to CloudAhoy from your MFB (magic flight bag) after.

Scoring your approach to a short field landing

Proficiency says 1000’, safety says 500’...

What if touching down on the 1000’ markers does not leave enough “runway remaining” per the Standard Operating Procedures? Obviously safety is always of paramount importance.
We just released a new version of CloudAhoy which includes more accurate scoring for short field landings.  This is a response to feedback we got from many users, for being “penalized” incorrectly for landing short when the runway length required it. Click here to continue reading about how we score.

Rusty Pilot no more! 

Brittney Tough is returning to the flight controls after 3 years away from general aviation. She has created a blog series to share her experience and flight debriefs as she knocks the rust off. Debriefing each flight has been helpful for getting more familiar with local landmarks and VFR waypoints, comparing maneuver performance, and for discussions with her flight instructor as she works towards her flight review endorsement. Britt was pretty happy with a flight score of 75 for her first flight and a 79 on her second, steady improvements! 

  • Britt’s initial thoughts as she gets started (blog)
  • San Francisco Bay Tour debrief (video)

The Value of Debriefing Every Flight (In the Sim & In the Air)

Ty Shuff gave an informative presentation last week at the Redbird Migration Flight Training Conference and we’re grateful that Redbird has made recordings of the breakout sessions accessible to everyone. Ty explains how to maximize the value of every flight, whether it be in the air or in a simulator, and walks you through his recent flight debriefs as he worked towards his IFR currency requirements. Watch here.

We’re Hiring: Head of Operations

CloudAhoy is looking for an individual to join our team to help lead the next stage of growth. The Head of Operations will oversee the company’s fiscal activity, manage contracts, and implement improved processes and new technologies. If you’d like to join us, check out the full description here.

As always, any comment is very welcomed; simply reply to this email, or use the Feedback link. We reply to every email!

Chuck Shavit
and the CloudAhoy team

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