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This is a very special newsletter: announcing CloudAhoy Pro.
CloudAhoy Pro includes the CFI Assistant - automatic scoring.  

CloudAhoy Pro is a new subscription level included in our latest version, CloudAhoy 6.0.
We would like to invite you to take Pro for a free test flight.

We are running a 6.0 special, till October 23rd, 2019: 
  • Pro trial for ALL CloudAhoy users, current and past
  • Buy an annual subscription and get +1 month FREE.

CloudAhoy 6.0 is a major release, including many new and improved debrief features.

About 6.0 highlights, read on.
*NEW*   The CFI Assistant  (Pro)
This is the big highlight of CloudAhoy 6.0 - automatic scoring.  The scoring is for the entire flight, as well as for individual segments.  You can drill down each score and see what you did well and where there is room for improvement.

Scoring of a VFR Approach 

Scoring of an Instrument Approach

Scoring of a Steep Turn

It is important to mention that the CFI Assistant certainly does not replace a human instructor - undoubtedly human instructors are indispensable, and there is much more to flying than just staying on a glide slope or maintaining an altitude.  But there are specific aspects of pilot performance and proficiency which are objective and measurable, and that’s where the CFI Assistant comes in. 

We have been working on the CFI Assistant for over two years, including a long and fruitful beta program in which we received input from CFIs, students, and experienced pilots - for which we are extremely grateful. 
*NEW*  Details of Instrument Approach, with Waypoints  (Pro)
For instrument pilots, CloudAhoy Pro provides a profile view of the approach, complete with waypoints, and published vs. actual altitudes. We also mark sections of flying below minimums. Of course, the instrument approach is also scored by the CFI Assistant. 

RNAV Approach's profile view, with waypoints,
and published (gray line) vs. actual (green line)

Note that CloudAhoy automatically detects an instrument approach, in both CloudAhoy Standard and Pro. 
*NEW*  Rich Gauges Display (Pro)
If your flight data includes rich data, CloudAhoy Pro will display additional information.  

For example, if you are importing your flight from an EFIS like Garmin G1000/G3000, CloudAhoy Pro animates additional gauges on the 3D Cockpit View.

G1000 data from DA42 includes RPM and % Power of the two engines

If the data includes flaps and gear information, CloudAhoy Pro displays them on both the 3D Cockpit and on the altitude profile graph, allowing you to see the exact time they change position.

Data from Redbird simulator includes flaps.
Note the flaps in Cockpit View and on the altitude graph
*IMPROVED*  iPhone Interface (Both Standard and Pro)
We redesigned the iPhone's user interface, making the debrief on small screens more effective.



*NEW*  Predefined Layouts (Both Standard and Pro)
We created new predefined layouts for typical debrief scenarios. Switching between layouts can be done in one click.

"3D Flight Review" Layout

"Maneuver Analysis" Layout
*NEW*  Automatic Time-Sync of Segment Info (Both Standard and Pro)
With CloudAhoy 6.0, as you move from one segment to another, the Segment Info is automatically updated to show the current segment. 

In the example below (shown with Standard) we click on the icon Segment Info: first Turn to Final then Final. The timeline automatically moves to the start of the selected flight segment, and the segment info is automatically updated. 

Click  of the Turn to Final flight segment:

Segment Info displays Turn to Final

Click  of the next flight segment, the Final:

With one click, now Segment Info displays Final


Automatic scoring of pilots’ performance has been in our vision since the very beginning of CloudAhoy.  We believe that data-driven, objective, automated scoring of a pilot’s performance provides valuable feedback to any pilot at any level, for flight training and for proficiency of experienced pilots. 

Login to your account now -- your free month of Pro trial has begun..  Enjoy!

Watch the 6.0 Highlights video:

Any comment is very welcomed; simply reply to this email, or use the Feedback link. We reply to every email.

Chuck Shavit
and the CloudAhoy team


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