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Ahoy <<First Name>>,

We have been busy - we added continuous zoom-in 2D aviation charts, tuned-up the automatic scoring in the CFI Assistant based on users' feedback, and released the first "how to" video - with many more to come.

We are growing, and have reached a point that we are looking to expand our executive team by adding a CFO/COO - a big step for us. If this is you, we would LOVE to hear from you!

About all this - read ahead. 

NEW: Continuous Zoom-in, 2D Aviation Charts

You can now zoom-in continuously in 2D Track views to a very high zoom level (in addition to continuous zoom in 3D which has always been available).  This has been a popular feature request, now available in CloudAhoy Standard and Pro.   

Example (click to enlarge):

In this flight, the pilot was concerned whether he busted Class D airspace. The debrief – with zoom-in of the VFR charts – shows the flight path over the Class D (‘1’ at the top of the screenshot), however class D’s top is at 4199 feet and ALT 4712 (‘2’ & ‘3’ at the bottom-left of the screenshot), so no Class D violation.

Tuneup of the CFI Assistant’s Scoring

The automatic scoring by the CFI Assistant is already benefiting from the exposure to a high volume of pilots at all levels, and the feedback mechanism we created as an integral part of the scoring has been proven to be very beneficial: we received insightful feedback, and as a result we tuned up the scoring.

The tune-up affects the scoring of instrument approaches visual approaches, and departure climb. Most of our adjustments were made by changing our default “CloudAhoy Basic” envelope.  If you debrief today a flight which you already debriefed before, you may notice that your scores have changed; in most cases the new scores are higher.  Details in

NEW:  "How to" videos, more to follow
Often when we give a demo we are asked "how do you do this?" - so, we are planning to create a lot of training material in the coming weeks and months.  Here is the first "How to" video - it is a 2-minute video about how to use the 3D Track views. 


Created by Ty - please meet: 



Expanding our Executive team!

As always, any comment is very welcomed; simply reply to this email, or use the Feedback link. We reply to every email.

To those who celebrate - Happy Thanksgiving! 

Chuck Shavit
and the CloudAhoy team
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