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This time of the year leading to AirVenture is always exciting. This year we are especially excited as we have so many new things to share. 

We made significant progress developing new capabilities, focusing on flight safety, with the goal to release them later this year. CloudAhoy will automatically identify safety events in your flights, and annotate them during debrief.  We are also developing a product for aggregating data across multiple flights.  Looking forward to sharing all this with you on the show's floor.

Another great news is that we signed an agreement with Textron Aviation related to Flight Data Monitoring (FDM). 

Read on :)

Adding Safety Events to Debriefing

We're adding the capability to identify potential risk events and debrief them - to learn the most out of them. The work is ongoing, and not yet released - but working with our partners we made significant progress and we are at the point that we can share examples of what’s coming next.  


In the screenshot below you can see an unsafe base-to-final turn: The pilot overshot the turn to final, and corrected it by making a turn with a steep bank angle.

CloudAhoy detected the steep angle of the turn back to the final and annotated it. During the debrief you can go directly to this point in the flight, learn and reconsider decision making: was it the right decision to land, or would a go-around have been a better choice in this case?

Highlighting a steep bank angle at low AGL

P-FOQA / FDM for General Aviation - PREVIEW

"P" is for Pilot

Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) and Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) have been used for a while in the airline industry. 

CloudAhoy P-FOQA is tailored to General Aviation and is modeled after similar highly effective safety programs in the airline industry.  It is pilot-centric - thus P-FOQA . 

P-FOQA dashboard, Tidal Aviation, Beta customer

CloudAhoy P-FOQA is using the same underlying technology as CloudAhoy’s post-flight Debrief products, with the additional capability to identify potential risk events, to analyze and visualize aggregated data, and to notify pilots, safety personnel, and fleet managers. The integration with CloudAhoy Debrief provides an efficient way to identify the root cause of potentially risk events, increase pilots’ awareness, and facilitate learning - resulting in becoming a better, safer pilot.

Special thanks to the members of the P-FOQA SIG (Steering Interest Group) created at the beginning of 2022:  
Citation Jet Pilots (CJP) -  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF).  
We are blessed to have such knowledgeable and demanding customers. 
The feedback and contribution from those organizations has been instrumental in shaping the product and making it useful and practical. 

Partnership with Textron Aviation:

LinxUs FDM and CloudAhoy

We are delighted to share that we are now a provider for Textron Aviation’s Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) Program and Fight Operation Quality Assurance (FOQA).

The LinxUs FDM Program is a great way to automatically transfer data to CloudAhoy for debrief and for FOQA/FDM. The data is highly accurate and very rich. It includes parameters which are rarely available from other data sources and are important for debrief and FOQA.

Textron Aviation will facilitate the transfer of LinxUs FDM data through AReS II onboard hardware. AReS II is included as standard equipment on Textron Aviation models listed below so no additional hardware is required.  AReS II provides immediate data transfer when a Wi-Fi connection is established. Alternatively, data can be easily transferred from your mobile device using the Textron Aviation Service Management App.

The LinxUs FDM Program is currently available for CESSNA SKYCOURIER, CITATION LONGITUDE, LATITUDE, X+, SOVEREIGN+, CJ4, CJ3, CJ3+ and M2 aircraft; Textron Aviation is working to expand LinxUs FDM to include non-AReS II equipped models.



Looking forward to seeing you in our yellow booth! Hangar C, Aisle C
Come by to find out what's new, get a demo of what's coming, or just say Hi. 


Meet and Greet
Flight Chops 

Thursday 1:00 - 2:00  

Pilot Proficiency Center (PPC) 

Like every year, we are proud to be part of the PPC. Debrief your Redbird flight at the PPC, or come to our booth with your memory stick and we will debrief it with you. 

PPC this year is located in a whole new location with a new program  - check out pilot-proficiency-center 


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As always, comments are welcome; simply reply to this email, or use the Feedback link. We reply to every email!

See you at Oshkosh!

Chuck Shavit
and the CloudAhoy team

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