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Spotlight on two new features that we released recently: improvements to the scoring of visual approaches by focusing on the 50 AGL point, and 3D 'moving map'. Also, import G1000 data, or other rich data into CloudAhoy directly on the iPad.  And - some interesting videos.  And a note for Android users.

Read on :)

NEW:  Using the 50 AGL Point to Score Visual Approach -
Long and Short

A visual approach is somewhat more challenging to score than an instrument approach, because there is more room for pilot's variation.  We recently released an improved analyzer, which focuses on the 50 AGL point rather than the threshold for the grading. The impact is that short or long landings are now scored more effectively.  

For insight about how we score a visual approach read blog.  

Example: Short Landing
To score this approach we consider the airspeed at 50 AGL point, as well as the touchdown distance from that point.

Short Landing

Short Landing, the 50 AGL point is before the runway

Example: Long Landing
A landing on the Green Dot at Oshkosh during AirVenture 2021. 
Scoring is based on the 50 AGL point: Touchdown is 1252’ from the 50 AGL point, which is 2715’ from the threshold, and it got a perfect score for the “touchdown distance” criteria.

Touchdown on the green dot in KOSH during AirVenture – the 50 AGL point is passed the threshold, as directed by ATC

See using-50-agl-point-to-score-visual-approach/  

NEW:  'Moving Map' button in 3D

A small button with a big usability impact :) :  in 3D Track, you can keep the airplane centered during animation. 

By default, when you animate, the map/scenery is stationary and the plane moves.
Click or tap the  icon (on the top-right) to turn 'Moving Map' on: the plane will be centered, and when animated the plane will remain centered while the scenery or map moves under it.

Suggested videos watch

Watch a recent video by Flight Chops, about  " How do you Slow down a Rocket?! Intimidated Flying Solo in the FASTEST Plane I’ve Flown ".  Great watch, and great to see how CloudAhoy is used.

(more in ... #CloudAhoyScore) 

Also - presentations that were recorded as part of AirVenture 2021 are available to view: 

Sharpening Your Skills with CloudAhoy

How post-flight debrief can make a difference at every stage in a pilot’s life pursuit to be better and safer.

Presented by CloudAhoy’s customer liaison and instrument rated pilot, Ty Shuff.

High Value Instruction: Flight Debriefs 

The importance of performing an effective and efficient flight debrief for student success, using real examples.

Presented to the National Flight Instructors Association (NAFI) by CFI Brittney Tough during AirVenture 2021 at Oshkosh.

Proficiency365 - Tools for Staying Proficient Year-Round

Pilot proficiency - tools, capabilities, and a difference they can make in every stage of pilots life pursuit to be better and safer. 

Presented at EAA Proficiency365® Tech Talks
by Radek Wyrzykowski, EAA’s Manager of Flight Proficiency, and Brittney Tough during AirVenture 2021 at Oshkosh.

EAA requires registration to view this video
and other videos in eaa-proficiency365-tech-talks-2021

Quick Tip: Importing Data from an SD Card to the CloudAhoy iOS App

Immediately after you fly, it’s quick and easy to import your rich flight data to CloudAhoy while still sitting in the cockpit! All you need is your SD card, an adapter, and a few taps on your device.

For step-by-step instructions see here.

Important information for Android Users 

As a result of updates by Android, users of CloudAhoy Android app should change access settings: the CloudAhoy App will need to be able to always access your GPS.

For step-by-step instruction see here .

Please note: the app is only accessing your location when it is open and actively logging a flight. It does not access your location at any other time.

As always, comments welcome; simply reply to this email, or use the Feedback link. We reply to every email!

Chuck Shavit
and the CloudAhoy team

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