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Ahoy Fellow Aviator <<First Name>>,

It has been several weeks since our world has changed, and the longing to be in the sky is shared by all pilots.  As we wrote in a previous newsletter, we are opening CloudAhoy Pro for everybody for 30 days, see below for coupon and instructions.  Debriefing your past flights is a fun way to keep the aviation spirit!

Last week we released improvements to the user interface. Specifically, we made significant improvements for debriefing on the iPad.

Read on. 


Debrief on your iPad

Debriefing directly on the iPad has become increasingly popular.  To adjust to the small size of the screen relative to desktop or laptop, we redesigned the tools and layout of iPad debriefing:  by default there are two views, and the left panel (including the Segment Manager and tools) is initially collapsed to preserve space. 

The new iPad interface is available on both CloudAhoy Standard and CloudAhoy Pro.

Select either a single view on the entire screen, or split it into two views. Open or close the  left panel to see the Segment Manager and the Tools - Graphs, Nav, etc.  Below are a few examples:  

Default view showing a visual approach:
(Screenshot: landscape, CloudAhoy Pro)

Opened the left panel to declutter and show only one of the three closed traffic patterns:
(Screenshot:  portrait, CloudAhoy Standard)

After tapping the selected traffic pattern in the Segment Manger, the left panel auto-closes:


Select any display mode for each of the two views: tap to select between 2D, 3D, HUD and Info. Tap the Options button to further select overlays including aviation charts and wind vectors.

Sometimes you may want to display one view on the entire screen. If two views are displayed, close one of them and the remaining view will grow to fill the screen:
(Screenshot: CloudAhoy Pro, debriefing an X-Plane sim fight)



CloudAhoy Pro to everybody for 30 days 

To keep the aviation spirit during this time, we decided to do something special. 

We are opening CloudAhoy Pro for everybody for 30 days.
Debrief and relive your past flights! 

During this time many of us cannot fly in the sky, but we can be engaged in flying by other ways. One way is to relive past flights - for fun, for learning, or to share.   


- 30 days CloudAhoy Pro -
- Applies   to  everybody  - 



To relive your past flights  - 
You can debrief any flight already in your CloudAhoy account  - look at the Flights tab.
You can import flights into CloudAhoy from your SD card - G1000/3000, Avidyne, etc.,
You can import  track logs from ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, and other apps.

The coupon PILOTSFLY can be used by everybody (except organization users) to get 30 days of CloudAhoy Pro. Expiration date of current subscribers will be extended. It will also be applied if you purchase or renew now - and a very special Thank You for doing that!

To use the coupon - 
- Login to your CloudAhoy account on
  the web (not from the iOS app!)
- Go to the Account tab
- Scroll down to the “My Subscription”
- Click the “Coupons” button
             a dialog box will appear
- Enter coupon code: PILOTSFLY
- Click the “Submit” button
Detailed instructions in

We will miss seeing you at Oshkosh this year.   Stay safe. 

Chuck Shavit
and the CloudAhoy team

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