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Ahoy Fellow Aviator <<First Name>>, 

This is a somewhat emotional week - we should have been in Oshkosh...
No AirVenture this summer. But the Spirit of Aviation Week is on, and we are proud to continue to be part of the Pilot Proficiency Center's activities. Details below. 

Our coupon for 30 days of CloudAhoy Pro is active until the end July 2020.  If you have not used it yet, now is the time!

Pilot Proficiency - Spirit of Aviation Week 

This year, like in previous years, we are part of the Pilot Proficiency Center's activities. This year -  the Pilot Proficiency Center has gone virtual.

CloudAhoy Pro for everybody for 30 days

When COVID-19 hit and many pilots were grounded, we thought of alternative ways to be engaged in flying. One way is to relive past flights - for fun, for learning, or to share.    

* Valid until July-31-2020 * 

The coupon PILOTSFLY can be used by everybody (except for organization users) to get 30 days of CloudAhoy Pro.  Expiration date of current subscribers will be extended. It can also be applied if you purchase or renew now.
To relive your past flights  - 
You can debrief any flight already in your CloudAhoy account  - look at the Flights tab.
You can import flights into CloudAhoy from your SD card - G1000/3000, Avidyne, etc.
You can import  track logs from ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, and many more.

To use the coupon - 

- Login to your CloudAhoy account on
  the web (not from the iOS app!)
- Go to the Account tab
- Scroll down to the “My Subscription”
- Click or tap the “Coupons” button
             a dialog box will appear
- Enter coupon code: PILOTSFLY
- Click the “Submit” button
Detailed instructions in

On behalf of the CloudAhoy team I would like to wish everybody a happy Spirit of Aviation Week!

Chuck Shavit
and the CloudAhoy team

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