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January 2015

Septic Systems and Maintenance Procedures

Tanks, Drain Fields, Components and More

Septic-DiagramIn rural areas where houses are spaced so far apart that a sewer system would be too expensive to install, people install their own, private sewage treatment plants. These are called septic tanks.
Wastewater comes into the septic tank from the sewer pipes in the house.  As new water enters the tank, it displaces the water that's already there. This water flows out of the septic tank and into a drain field. A drain field is made of perforated pipes buried in trenches filled with gravel. The water is slowly absorbed and filtered by the ground in the drain field.

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Keep Your Information Safe When You Move

Con artists strike when you're packing up

Planning a move? Look out — you're going to face an elevated risk of having your sensitive data stolen.  "Moving is prime time for identity theft because personal information is constantly shuffled from one home to the next, leaving it accessible to dumpster divers, rogue movers, nosy home buyers and sketchy contractors," says Steve Schwartz, president of Identity Guard, an identity-theft protection service. Here's how to protect yourself, whether preparing for snowbird season or a permanent relocation.

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Making Your Organizing Resolutions Stick in 2015

DeclutterEvery year when the top New Year’s resolutions are tallied, you’re sure to find getting organized in the top 10. Something about the fresh start of a new calendar year makes us crave simplicity and order. Unfortunately, many people just can’t make their resolution stick. Why? The theory is that the idea of “getting organized” is completely overwhelming despite our best intentions.

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Chemical-free ice melt

You don’t want to break your neck on icy steps in the winter, but you don’t want people tracking chemicals into your house, either. Melt that ice naturally without substances that put animals at risk and eat away at your flooring. Just shake on a layer of baking soda, then apply a little bit of sand for traction.

Touch up furniture scratches

Scratches on wood furniture disappear almost instantly by simply rubbing in a little bit of instant coffee dampened into a paste with hot water. Repeat if necessary until the scratch matches the surrounding wood.

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