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October 2014

So What's Bugging You?

WDI DamageIt is important to schedule a Wood Destroying Insect / Pest Inspection along with a general home inspection because lender's underwriters are depending on the appraiser to call for a termite inspection only if the appraiser sees something suspicious. This practice is terrible because a good majority of damage is not visible to the eye and a specialist is required to evaluate! The average cost of the inspection is $125 to $175 but  damage repairs can easily exceed $10,000.

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The Best Temperature for Your Home

I'm too Hot -- I'm too Cold

Everything has an optimal temperature that it will perform best at. Setting the wrong temperature for the people, pets and personal items in your home can keep you constantly adjusting the thermostat, which will inevitably raise your utilites.

Take a look at the ideal room temperatures for common household items, family members, task performances, as well as the high-heat producing items in your home that are stopping you from saving on your next bill.

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Prefabricated Chimney Rain Caps

Keeping rain water from entering the chimney flue

Chimney-CapIt is important to periodically verify the integrity of the rain cap, especially after heavy rains and winds because weakened caps can often fail under these conditions.  It's a flat or curved plate at the very top of the chimney, that can be viewed from the ground.

If the cap becomes dislodged, rain water can enter the flue and run down into the heating system or fireplace and cause damage or system malfunction.  During a rain look for water and rust in and about the chimney flue located at the heating system or fireplace — this is a sure sign that something is wrong.

Additionally a dislodged rain cap can sometimes cause a blockage in the flue which restricts the natural flow of toxic combustion gasses which contain carbon monoxide produced by the heating system or fireplace.  If the flow of flue gasses is restricted, toxic carbon monoxide may enter the house.

Getting Ready for Old Man Winter

Avoid Costly Repairs

A home is just like a car - with proper maintenance, major problems can be avoided and the home can run efficiently for many years. The key is preventing problems or catching them while they are small.

Fall Home Checklist

Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall

Seasonal ideas for closing a deal

Fall Fireplace
Someone at some point started a myth that selling your home during the fall and winter months is a bad idea.

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