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May 2014

The Problem with Roofs . . .

Roofs are born with their troubles

Rarely do their problems stem from things that happen to them after they are put into service. Almost all roof problems are "built-in" at the time of installation. 

Roof lineIt is because of these flaws that the average commercial roof in the United States lasts only seven years. Although built-in problems are numerous, they generally fall into one of four categories. The following are the primary causes of problems:

Overheating of Asphalt

Almost all built-up roofs have the asphalt overheated at the time of installation to facilitate ease of application and regulate the quantity of material that is applied between piles.

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Home Staging Challenges

The Garage and Backyard

The trick to getting your home sold quickly is to make it appealing to as many people as possible. All that clutter typically ends up in the garage, in boxes piled to the ceiling. By the time the house goes on the market, the garage is akin to the “junk drawer” in the kitchen.

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5 Dumb Moves Homebuyers Make

According to Money Talks News

  • No Mortgage Commitment
  • Insulting Offer
  • No Inspection
  • No Contingencies
  • Not Crossing "t's" and dotting "i's

Our 6th Dumb Move:  Selling or Buying without using a Real Estate Agent

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Battling Eyesores

We’ve all seen the properties that are neighborhood eyesores

Eye-SoreThey bring down the value of adjoining homes and make your listings harder to sell, which is probably no news to you. If the good-guy approach does not work to motivate a neighbor help clean up, here are some tips on what else can be done:

  1. Get The Camera – Taking pictures of a neighbor’s junk and weeds, that sometime disappear when an agency’s inspector comes to visit, presents the proper picture of the property.
  2. Keep Good Records – Record specific examples of occurrences. For instance, stating that fifteen trucks were parked in front of the house on July 6th  is more powerful than “there are always trucks parked out there”.
  3. Be Aggressive –  Call every official you can in the township. The squeaky wheel gets oiled first!
  4. Neighborly Approach – Get the neighbors involved with the complaining. It will help out everyone!
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CPSC Recalls Gas Fireplace Inserts 

Due to Explosion Hazard

This recall involves Hussong Manufacturing direct vent gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts that use American Flame brand main control modules.  

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