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August 2015

It's Not the Heat . . .

It's the humidity that causes condensation — when humidity is high and/or air temperature is low. 

sweatingThe main thought to remember is "warm air has more ability to hold moisture than cold air." "Moisture" is water in all forms: vapor, liquid, ice, or frost. Air always has some moisture in vapor form.  

A mid-range (40-60%) of relative humidity is best for health purposes. High humidity can lead to condensation and fungus growth, resulting in poor air quality and health problems. Low humidity may lead to respiratory infections, dryness, and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, lungs, and skin.
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5 Problems Caused By High Humidity

Now, this list isn’t the “Top 5” problems caused by high humidity for one simple reason: it doesn’t include the health hazards of mold. That’s its own topic. Here, instead, we’re going to look at some of the other problems that can arise when the interior humidity level of your home is not well controlled.
  1. Storage. You wouldn’t think of it normally, but too much moisture in the air can cause all sorts of damage to clothes, food, and other items stored in your house. If the humidity level hits 60% or so, dry foods will start to draw in moisture and quickly go stale. Clothes can develop mildew, and metal cans may start to rust (and then leak). Even the books stored on your bookshelf will start to react, swelling up like you’ve left them out in the rain.
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Tagging Shut Off Valves

Avoid damages from unexpected emergencies!  

TagsWe recommend that you tag the following systems:
  1. Main water shut-off for the water system.
  2. Water shut offs for each plumbing fixture.
  3. Clean outs in the sanitary waste lines.
  4. Electrical distribution panel ledger listing the location of all circuits.
  5. Shut-off for the gas main.
  6. Shut-offs and pilot lights on each gas appliance.
  7. Valves from the oil tank.
  8. Septic tank lid, distribution box, and leaching field.
  9. Main electrical disconnect, if separate.
  10. Emergency heater shut off.

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G F I Outlets

Do not plug a freezer or refrigerator into a GFI outlet.  If the GFI trips (or there is a power outage and the outlet is not reset) you may not be aware that your appliance is not working until the food spoils!

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