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NICOLE: Spring Workshop 2017 : Milan

First Announcement & Call for Papers

In the spring of 2017 NICOLE, in collaboration with Lombardy Region (Italy), General Directorate for Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development, plans to hold its next workshop in Milan, Italy to explore the subject of "CREATING VALUE THROUGH SUSTAINABLE LAND AND ASSET MANAGEMENT”.

The precise agenda is yet to be finalised but the intention is to focus on topics such as:

  • How to support sustainable development at local and regional level for areas and regions which formerly used to be mainly industrial and now need regeneration;
  • How to balance economic development (providing jobs, generating income), protection of the environment and enhancement of the wider social needs of the community.

The Organising Committee expects to included following content

Session 1 – Re-use and redevelopment of industrial land in urban and rural areas.

  1. Out of the box thinking for innovative industrial land re-evaluation
  2. Circular economy as applied to land use
  3. Leverage of land value and desirability by investing in infrastructure
  4. Successful closure and re-integration of sites in synergy with the local community and economy
  5. Flexibility of planning tools to promote regeneration and reduce land consumption

Session 2 – Site closure and/or redevelopment into new industrial activity: financial and administrative aspects, including associated liability management (but excluding M&A transfer) 

  1. Dealing with permit surrender requirements and aftercare responsibilities
  2. Managing liability transfer, ensuring credibility of new owners and long-term security of funding
  3. Creating value from equipment sales, building re-use, abstraction licenses, guaranteed power supplies etc
  4. Financial provision mechanisms, and enabling access to funds for Regulators
  5. Managing orphan sites, and those subject to bankruptcy situations

Session 3 – Temporary and transitory land uses

  1. Enabling temporary establishment of ecological systems without constraining the future use of the site
  2. Phased restoration of site and implications for permit surrender
  3. Seed funding of initial land uses to encourage redevelopment

Session 4 - Managing natural capital 

  1. Mechanisms to assess natural capital of sites and how this can be expanded
  2. Application of sustainability appraisal  
  3. Banking of natural capital for future compensation needs.

This workshop will include both submitted abstracts and invited speakers on specific topics.



Authors are required to submit a one-page abstract of the paper they would like to present (presentation or poster pitch presentation), together with an outline of the structure of the paper and short biography.  

Abstracts which include case studies are encouraged, and should address some of the following questions:

  1. Socio-economic setting of the site? 
  2. How has the project engaged with  internal and external  stakeholders and enhanced the wider community?
  3. What were the most difficult issues to tackle? 
  4. What issue has been solved in a highly creative or innovative way? 
  5. How has the case study embraced concepts such as the circular economy and development of natural capital? 
  6. What role could NICOLE play in its new focus on sustainable land management to learn from the case study and promote good practice?

Abstracts should be sent by February 20, 2017 to the NICOLE Secretariat

Abstracts will be considered by the Organising Committee. The authors of abstracts will be notified of acceptance of their submissions for either a presentation or a poster by March 15, 2017. Speakers’ final abstracts and presentations must be submitted by June 1, 2017.

Poster presentations will take place in a breakout session where authors will give five-minute pitches to groups of delegates and take questions. Every 10 minutes, delegates will be asked to rotate on to the next poster.

The workshop will take place in the Lombardy Region offices in Milan, Italy.


Claudio Albano - CH2M    (IT)    Chair
Jean-Pierre Davit - Golder    (IT)
Horst Herzog - Infraserv    (DE)
Rick Parkman - AECOM    (UK)
Ciro Viscotti - AECOM    (IT)
Aldo Trezzi - Ramboll Environ    (IT)
Phil Crowcroft - ERM    (UK)
Piero Mori - ERM    (IT)
Kevin Ooteman - MWH Global    (NL)
Germán Monge Ganuzas - IDOM    (ES)
Roger Jacquet - Solvay    (BE)    
Rebecca Gardner - Anchor QEA    (NO)

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