Dear people:

How are you doing with the special dates? When I search in Google all-powerful such expression, the review offered by the machine for these days seems a bad joke. January 1: New Year's Day; February 2: Super Bowl; March 8 (and all for many of us): Women's Day; April 5-11: Easter; May 1: Labor Day; June 30: Social Network Day... I better not continue.

Now I remember that my previous letter was sent the day after the last full moon, under the influence of a penumbral eclipse, and today I write to you after a new moon, which occurred last night with a total eclipse of the sun. I can hardly see anything and still miss dancing, but I feel reassured that this great round rock and its cycles follows this epistolary relationship, and I celebrate that its history is so closely linked to ours, on Earth, even though I sometimes forget it. I also have very present that I am very to celebrate Saint Do What You Want, so I suggest some eccentric celebrations to say goodbye to 2020.

This is undoubtedly the best time to start an art collection. If you think about it, a year in which we have seen what we did not imagine, in which we have (hopefully) questioned ourselves, how we lived and how we want to continue living, a year of snow in the literal and figurative sense must bring real goods. I am blindly confident that art is that layer of snow that acts as a thermal insulator in winter and protects our crops from frost, while giving us just the right dose of moisture for a good harvest in spring.

The Chiquita Room Collectors subscription (99 € per year) offers three annual collection moments (Christmas, Sant Jordi and the birthday) with three copies of graphic work or artist's edition and opens the doors to a universe of small privileges around the programming: private visits, dinners with artists (when we can meet again around a table), studio visits, access to auctions... In addition to the possibility of creating an art fund to acquire originals or major works in the future and thus collect at the own pace and measure. If you want to go for it, here you have the safe-conduct that gives you free passage in this room.

Here I bring a couple more ideas to end the year with a penultimate toast.
👉 Tomorrow we will open the twelfth edition of the Como Pedro por mi casa Festival, organized by Julia Pelletier who will present here a very careful selection of books and publications. This proposal brings together works by twenty international artists and once again opens the curiosity in Barcelona about new forms of contemporary publishing, making the books fully available to the public, who can look at and touch these works in an environment similar to the living room of a house. You can visit the exhibition from Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th December, from 11am to 8pm, and from Monday 4th to 9th January, from 11am to 1.30pm and from 4.30pm to 8pm.

👉 For the occasion, Chiquita has embarked on a beautiful project with Phillip Maisel: the publication of Two Concrete Things. In his work, Phillip assembles still lifes arranged in a shallow space and turns them into photographic images to which he adds, subtracts or draws additional elements, generating magical transfers between the two and three dimensions. The result is of beautiful subtlety and plays trompe l'oeil, asking for time and space for those concrete objects and the images of those objects. That is why it is so important to see his work in person and not through a screen.

We have prepared together a numbered edition of 50 copies, with two different versions of cuts, collages and drawings, in a case designed by Phillip himself and silk-screened by hand. The book will be available to see and purchase during Como Pedro por mi casa Festival.

📽️ Today I bid farewell with two Spanish films to be good company these next few days of conventions and brothers-in-law, which perhaps someone will have to go through alone because of the circumstances. None of this is new, but I believe that this Christmas well deserves a review for what is, may be, or may not be the relatives. Tres días con la familia (2009), by Mar Coll, is a portrait of the customs of those apparently perfect families in which things are not said. Find it on Filmin. And Familia (1996), by Fernando León de Aranoa, is the story of a father who dreams of having the ideal family, very different from the one he actually has. I've found it in two parts here y here. You are welcome.  
In any case, I wish you a good end for this particular, dear people. And may you celebrate it in the way you think best. A toast to your health and best wishes to the family. 

With love,

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1. Collectors Chiquita Room | Video by Luis Torroja with music by Javier Rodero
2. Como Pedro por mi casa | Graphic Design by Ámbar Amill
3. Two Concrete Things | Phillip Maisel
4. Familia | Fernando León de Aranoa 
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