Dear people:

How's the return to daily life going? It's a delicate moment, isn't it? Because the end of August, depending on how things went during holidays, it seems that the memory of the month in which we decided to do Saturday every day begins to fade from our mental screen, like a dream upon awakening. And I wonder if swimming in the river or the sea, the long naps, reading under the shade of the pine trees, the ice creams at anytime and the late nights telling stories to keep us awake, were real or just disappeared with the fleetingness of the Perseids. That is why I'd prefer to keep looking at the sky for a while longer and prepare ourselves for the star shower that opens the season, because September arrives with the hands up, hey! 

This week we return with the closing opening of Títol de l'exposició, the project that Yannick Sánchez has been developing over the summer for the Art Nou competition addressed to emerging talent. And I can attest that he has taken it seriously, fulfilling all the requirements to become a good emerging artist. On Wednesday, 1 September at 7pm, Yannick will welcome us to the universe he has created, full of references, winks and irony about life, art and what often lies in between (which often translates into doubt, anxiety or insecurities, but also into excitement, conviction and commitment). Sign up at this link, please, and come celebrate with him. The artist will be present. 

Below some other ideas for the rentrée. 

👉 On Saturday 4 September at 6pm we will conclude the shortest exhibition that this room has ever hosted by playing ping pong. Like a pachanga competition, Yannick invites us to bid farewell to his show doing one of the things he loves most: playing. Inspired by the Slovak artist Július Koller (1939-2007), Yannick is also interested in the playful aspect of ping-pong. Just as Koller was invited to exhibit at the Galerie der Jungen in Bratislava in 1970, where he set up a table to play with the public, he is now doing the same, in his own style, to close this adventure. You can sign up to play with or against him at this link. 
👉  And if you can't come to either of the two playful-festive moments at the end of Títol de l'exposició, I fervently encourage you to stop by between Thursday 2 and Saturday 4 September to see Yannick's works. The connections that he has been working on this summer to fulfil the 10 precepts that Art Nou proposes (and thus become a good emerging artist) have taken the form of beautiful drawings. In the images above, you can see for example his reflection in front of Matisse's tenacity to continue creating despite the odds. Because in the face of wind, tide and covid, Yannick has continued drawwing to complete his first solo exhibition with all hands on deck. In the meantime, the prize for this year's competition will be awarded, and as we came just to participate, we are doing good. Because playing well, you never lose.
🚢 Today I say goodbye with a short documentary to play at imagining again. A small homage to the production that Harun Farocki made in 1977 for German public television with the series Bedtime Stories, which offered an unusual look at children's cinema. His daughters, the twins Anna and Lara, see themselves as children from their adult eyes, responding to their father's figurations of how advances in architecture and great works of civil engineering are filled with magic in front of a child's gaze. Happy back to school!

With love, 


📷 Créditos: 

1. Yannick Sánchez, Títol de l'exposició. Chiquita Room (2021)
2. Pala de ping pong, Yannick Sánchez (2021).
3. Henri Matisse, Yannick Sánchez (2021)
4. Bridges, Trains, Ships, Sierra Pettenghil (2017).


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