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January Newsletter
Happy New Year from us all at Mini Me Yoga ! 
We have had the most amazing 2014: 
  • Growing from one to nineteen countries around the world
  • We have ninety Ambassadors as part of our Global Community
  • Hundreds of 2hr Workshop Graduates
  • 1000’s of children having the 15 min program in their daily life's and all whilst having so much FUN !
Although we are still in our infant stages as a Global Business, we are learning fast, just as any child does. We are full of energy and ready to learn more, push the boundaries and have Fun Fun Fun ! 
Yes, 2015 is all about bringing JOY into your life and that of your families ! 
Our Ambassadors work so hard to reach you all through our 2hr Workshop but there are millions of children around the world that we want to share these tools with. Hence the decision to launch the Mini Me Yoga Book this January. 
To celebrate our first book, we are giving away the ebook version for FREE for 5 days ONLY! 
To claim your free copy, please make sure you subscribe to our Newsletter list as this is the way you will know the launch date. 
Here is an extract of the book ……
There is an endless supply of self-help books and positive thinking workshops all devoted to making us
happier, healthier and more successful. They’re big business… and desperately needed. 
I’ve spent a lot of time doing, and teaching, self-help courses and reading positive thinking books. Then
one day I was suddenly hit with full force by the craziness of it.
Here we are still teaching children the same skills and behaviours in the same way which created all these
stunted, broken, unhealthy adults in the first place. We’re teaching them things which we ourselves have
had to spend years, and lots of resources, unlearning.

This is madness.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. We know so much more than we did just a few short years ago – about
science, psychology, learning, the body and mind, how the spiritual and material worlds are integrated.
We have the knowledge… we’re just not applying it to how we raise and teach our children.
This is where the seed of Mini Me Yoga took root.
Children are naturally full of hope, passion, energy and vitality. They already see the world as full of possibility,
potential and magic. All we have to do is harness and cultivate these qualities in them. Rather than ignore
and repress them as we do now.
In just 15 minutes a day, with these gentle, nurturing practices, you can help the children in your care to
strengthen their bodies, open their hearts and encourage them to know deep within that they can be happy
and successful in whatever they choose to do.

This guide is full of the information and practical tools you need to get started right away. Presenting an easy 15-minute-a-day program designed to be used in your daily routine, whether it be in the home, the classroom, community groups or play dates. This is an opportunity to strengthen the bond with your child while improving their (and your) well-being in just 15 minutes a day.


Retreat time

Plan your getaway now. After the craziness of the holidays, you may want to consider a small break away from all the action. In April we'll be at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. Book your place now for the ultimate yoga retreat whilst learning how to be a Mini Me Yoga Ambassador! Here are the details:

Mindfulness & Kids Yoga for Grown-ups Workshops
If you haven't attended a workshop, there are many Ambassadors arranging workshops over December and January. Please contact us for locations or check out the event section on our Facebook page.
If you can't get to a workshop and you want to bring the benefits of the 15 minute program to your family, Mini Me Yoga is launching the BOOK to accompany the Magick Yoga cards in January. You can order your ebook or hard copy by emailing Kate. It's the perfect way to start a healthy family bonding time each day. Make this New Year your new start :-)

For those of you that have attended our workshop but are a bit unsure of some of the poses or games, remember that you have access to our short video clips on the Mini Me Yoga website to help you get started.


Ambassador Training

And if you'd like to learn how to deliver our workshops, there is still time to squeeze in Ambassador training before the end of the year.

On-line training - week commencing 19th Jan 2015 UK & Europe
                         - week commencing  26th Jan 2015 USA & Canada
Please contact us for details.


Wishing you all a magical 2015 !



The Mini Me Yoga Team
We'll be in the Bahamas in April! Come and play!
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