Commercial to purpose

Reframing these commercial days

Shop with purpose, let's be mindful this season
This is the power of campaigns and
the power of activating your brain

change many lives together, collectively
End of year Invitation to you

I would like to invite you to take a deep breath before we get swept up in this season of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday and then Christmas buying and food frenzies. The buying frenzy is fuelled by a commercial marketing engine is adding to massive waste and materialistic stuff, an over the top food intake that results in failed diet intensions on the 1st January... and all this is supposed to just make us feel better.  But does it?  Does it make us happy? 

Celebrating with family and friends is bliss, but when we are willing to be aware of who we are in this time, willing to be aware of that our behaviour is directly related to massive forest fires, unprecedented storms and floods and plastic killing the oceans, maybe we can add to our celebrations and use this month to do something completely different. 

with love, BE Alink

So here is what we at the Alinker Family are going to do:
For each Alinker purchased till end of January 2020 
(in the US and Canada - does not apply to rent-to-own) 

we donate USD $50 to the collective campaign

and add 15 more trees to the Alinker forest

read all about our Alinker forest and the Alinker company being more than carbon neutral

We mindshift from  Commercial to purpose and rename:  
Yellow Friday, Collective Monday, Generous Tuesday, Sharing Holidays.

We partnered with these generous companies who all support the collective campaign.  Shop at these companies and support our collective effort, to change many lives. 

NUNUNU Coming soon, the global kids' concept brand will be releasing a limited edition tee shirt dedicated to Selma - All proceeds are donated to this campaign (see below)

AWEinspired creates meaningful gifts that give back - 20% of your purchase will help SO many people gain their independence and mobility (see below)

This medication helped Selma through bad flares  (see below)

ALINKER for every Alinker purchased in Canada or the USA before the 31st January 2020, Alinker will donate $50 to the campaign (does not apply for rent-to-own) 

There are so many people who are at home without resources but with simple wishes to be just mobile again, to be able to go outside again, to have some agency and sense of independence back.  We can show up and build this movement of kindness. It doesn't take much, just show up.
We are growing an Alinker forest, we plant thousands of trees. 
The Alinker is a certified BCorp and is more than carbon neutral
Here is why we grow a forest and how you can grow with us
Grow this forest with us CLICK HERE

This friendship inspires a movement of kindness

Just show up for each other - CLICK here

"The Alinker is a game changer!"

- Selma Blair
Join our community of kindness!
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