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Geographic expansion 

We often get surprised when we receive emails from people with an Alinker in a country where we do not yet distribute! They share their experiences, photos and sometimes even a video, because it changed their life and they want to share it!  We are so grateful! To see how much the Alinker means to people who decided to get one, come hell or high water!  

People have literally travelled great distances to pick up an Alinker, from Australia, Scotland, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland... 
In order to respond better to the mounting number of requests we receive from all over the world, we like to get your thoughts in relation to your engagement and our customer service. Together we can build an inclusive community. 
       Switzerland             New Zealand         Australia                      Austria
Angel Dixon is our Australian Brand Ambassador.  Stand by for the Australian/New Zealand website soon to be launched! (in our next newsletter) 

Affiliate program

As we are building a more inclusive community, we are very aware of the financial restrictions some of our customers have. Because inclusivity is very important to us, we are putting a lot of thought into making the Alinker more accessible for everybody.
There is also a lot of power in the enthusiasm of Alinker users and how you can inspire other people to buy their own Alinker, and change their lives! 

We are very excited to announce a first initiative to help do so - an affiliate program for the US and Canada. Through the affiliate program, people will be able to earn money from simply sharing their excitement. It is important to know, however, that an affiliate is NOT a representative of the Alinker company, rather someone who wants to inspire others. We are looking for people who are actively using an Alinker, or professionals using Alinkers as part of their rehabilitation work for example.  
Wouldn't it be cool if your enthusiasm for the Alinker could potentially generate income?

- Would you be interested in becoming an affiliate?
- What questions would you have for us?

- Would it create problems receiving money and if so, how can we then compensate you? 
- What would it mean for you to be an affiliate?
- What would you expect from the Alinker when you are an affiliate? 

If you already know that you would like to be an affiliate, then please fill the online application form, it will take you through a bunch of questions. We will review your application and once you are approved, we will email you with instructions. 

Affiliate application links:
When you are in Canada click here
When you are in the US click here 

Other countries will be added once we have distribution established. 
Distributor for the UK

We often receive requests from people in the UK who want to get an Alinker. Some have already opted to get them shipped from the Netherlands, because they did not want to wait. This is all possible, but it would be easier and cheaper to have a distribution partner in the UK.
So who we hope to find:
- Someone with an affinity for our users: i.e. people who want to stay active, regardless.
- Someone who can import and organize shipments from Taiwan to a fulfillment center, covering warehousing, QC, drop-ship to customers. 
- Someone who is interested to do customer service, sales, marketing, etc.
This person/company does not need to have a shopfront and also dealers are not our preferred route, but let us know your thoughts if you are interested, we are interested to hear from you when you think you want to do this. 

Dragon's Den

In April 2016 Barbara was invited to pitch the Alinker on the Canadian TV show the Dragons' Den. The pitch will be streamed as an Exclusive Web Pitch. It will be featured on which apparently can only be viewed in Canada.
The video will be up for viewing starting
Wednesday, March 1st 2017, at 11AM. Check it out! 

The 'TOGETHER' Thought

Isn't is strange that we need to advocate for the advantages of 'diversity', because that would imply that there is actually some kind of 'normal'?
Let's celebrate that we are all unique! 

with love

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