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Barbara Alink | TEDxEastVan 

'Dignity Through Movement for an Aging Population'

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Last week of our campaign

The Alinkers are on their way from Taiwan as we speak, everybody who ordered their Alinker will have them before the end of June!  This week is your last chance to order your own Alinker and be one of the first to have an Alinker in North America!  Either order your own Alinker or make a contribution for someone else.  Click here to contribute now:
Last week we announced the first winner of an Alinker!  SO COOL!

When you make a contribution for an Alinker for someone else, you get to nominate someone. So this is what happened:
This is the original nomination email we received after a contribution:

'I nominate John Robert Howland for the Alinker drawing.

John Robert is 21 years old and has cerebral palsy that impedes his ability to walk long distances, and most times walks with pain. He says a wheelchair is not for him! But every outing for him is measured in the walking distance from Point A to Point B. That determines whether he wants to go or not. He’s too young to have limits! The Alinker promises to give him the freedom to roll where he wants and to be cool doing it! It would not just be life changing, it would be life starting for a young man with dreams and a full life ahead of him.

Then after we sent the email announcing the winner, we got this email: from his mum


I just read the email! I called JR (I had not told him I nominated him, of course), sent him the link to your site and asked him “would you want one of these?” He immediately said, “yeah, that would be great!” Then I told him, well you won one and he screamed, “That’s awesome, that’s so awesome! When will I get it? How did I win it? I’ve never won anything before! That’s awesome!” Those were his exact words. I’m still smiling.


One happy young man!

You can make others happy!
Contribute now


'So, a couple of old clowns ride their Alinkers into a bar in Rohnert Park.' [That *is* the punch line.]

Wavy Gravy and John Perry Barlow on their Alinkers, old friends, meeting, doing what clowns do best and celebrating Wavy's 80th birthday last week.


Full biography here:


All upcoming events are listed on Facebook


This all happened in the past two weeks....  (see complete post on Facebook)

The Alinker with SheEO's Vicki Saunders and Lacy Downtown EastsideUBC Sauder School of Business ‪#Propel2016‬
The Alinker on the front-page of Richmond News
The Alinker with Virgin Radio
The Alinker pitches at the Dragons' Den
The Alinker meets Terry Fox
The Alinker at the Impact Hub Ottawa
The Alinker with Job Cohen the ex Mayor of ‪#Amsterdam‬
The Alinker at the Parliament in ‪#Ottawa‬
The Alinker with Wavy Gravy (Official Fan Page) on his 80th birthday
The Alinker in the The Georgia Straight
The Alinker matches the colors of the best coffee in #Ottawa, new outfit for the active owners / community builders of Bridgehead Coffeehouses
The Alinker finds an enthusiastic (and very cool!) amputee to try the Alinker Wounded Warriors Canada
The Alinker inventor Barbara Alink is asked to speak at Ideacity
The Alinker participates in the MS Walk ‪#MS‬ ‪#Vancouver‬
The Alinker gets confirmation that two Alinkers will participate on the runway during the Bezgraniz Couture (*Couture with no bounds) 
The Alinker ... we do really move differently...


Be sure to contribute, it ends at 31st May, take your chance now!


Thank you for your ongoing support


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