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The Smalls are coming!  

Recently I (Barbara Alink) visited the assembly plant in Taiwan to check the quality and progress of the new Small Alinkers that have been produced. Over 30 different suppliers are organized for all the different components. All the parts come together, frames are welded, then painted, and then all comes together in the assembly plant.

While my main focus is on quality control protocol, checking each and every step in the process, meeting the people who assemble, visiting the people who work on the Alinkers is always the best part of these visits. It is crucial that the assembly people know who you are, that they see that you know all the components yourself, that you care about what they do and how they do it. Seeing how they work, how they have organized every aspect of the assembly, have quality checks in place and that they are proud of what they are doing, that feels so good!

We have great partners here in Taiwan and it is amazing to see how hundreds of Alinkers are now assembled in series. Most new Small Alinkers are assembled and the new shipments of Small Alinkers are ready to ship out on the 9th Feb (yeah!), so for all of you who pre-ordered a Small Alinker and have been patiently waiting... they are coming!

For those of you who are thinking of getting an #Alinker, this is the time! The upcoming shipments will have limited numbers left after what has already been pre-ordered. Get online and make sure you get one before they are gone again.

The video shows a little compilation of some of the assembly activities that are happening when the Alinkers are coming together. They look so simple, but it is a very detailed and lengthy process to bring them to perfection.

The art is to make something look simple while it is intensively engineered for your comfort and safety.
The Small Alinkers go through the last Quality Control phase before being packed.

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In April 2016 Barbara was invited to pitch the Alinker on the Canadian TV show the Dragons' Den. The pitch will be streamed as an Exclusive Web Pitch. It will be featured on which apparently can only be viewed in Canada.  The video will be up for viewing starting Wednesday, March 1st 2017, at 11AM. Check it out! 


Having set out to not just make a better walker, but also a much-needed vehicle for social change, so it was highly emotional to see the following shared on our Facebook page on the 21st January, the day after the inauguration… 

The 'TOGETHER' Thought

It does not matter what we do alone, but how we do it together

with love

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