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Harvey holds a Guinness World Record 

Harley Salter is now official Guinness World Record Titleholder for the Fastest 10km on a seated tri-wheeled walking bike - the Alinker.

The Alinker effect

Harley is 25 years old, and lives in the UK with his mum Vanessa, his biggest supporter. Harley has a range of learning and physical disabilities, like OCD, Autism, Tourette's, hyper mobility, and has faced life long challenges because of it. He was born with a congenital birth defect on his right foot, which he recently decided to have amputated. 

Harley's mum Vanessa: "People tend to think that Harley uses the Alinker because of his prosthetic leg, but I noticed how his whole body relaxes as soon as he sits down on the Alinker, his anxiety goes right down, his mood changes, his whole mental wellbeing changes. He can get very anxious and it accelerates easy, but soonest he is on the Alinker, it looks like his brain relaxes, and everything else relaxes.

Since Harley found the Alinker a couple of years ago, he has achieved more in these two years than we could have ever dreamt of. This is beyond anything I could ever have imagined but even more special is knowing how Harley has become an inspiration for so many others across the globe. Truly incredible."

BBC live interview
Harley: "If you heard my live radio interview (start at 2:11:02) this morning on the BBC radio solent then you will have witnessed my super big announcement which was exclusively revealed on Katie Martin’s breakfast show.......yes it’s true!
Harley: "I am Officially Amazing."

4th October: Harley's Virtual London Marathon 2020

Click here to go to Harley's fundraiser and support his efforts

In Harley's words:, just 15 months after my right foot was amputated I took on probably my biggest challenge yet! Using my Alinker I participated in the 30th Great South Run in Portsmouth, UK. This 10 mile race involved over 20,000 runners of all abilities and experience and me - the first person to participate in an official event of this kind in Europe on an Alinker and the first in the world to participate in a public 10 mile race event. I finished the race in an astonishing 1 hour 54 minutes and 26 minutes with impressive split times comparable to seasoned runners. This was an incredible achievement for me. I was not wearing a specialist sports prosthesis - for my type of amputation it would appear one is not available. That means I do what I do at a severe disadvantage even before I start - a half leg prosthesis that is heavy and gets so hot during intense physical activity that my “foot pad” (this is what we call my stump) feels like it’s on fire!!
I completed the race despite being in deep agony but had the absolute best experience. I loved running with the other participants and I loved the support from the spectators. This achievement saw me listed as one of the Great Run’s most inspirational runners of the 2019 season across all their events organized throughout the UK. This was an incredible personal achievement for me, surpassing all expectations, defying the labels of my disabilities and doing something AMAZING..........
Harley is a world leader! 
another one is.... 

World leader
Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand 
holding the SHEEO Magazine! 

SHEEO is the reason BE Alink, inventor of the Alinker is still here. BE Alink / The Alinker became a SHEEO venture in 2017, received funding but more importantly, was surrounded by radically generous women. Being part of SHEEO has been life changing. Together we build a world, for us and by us all. 

SHEEO is a global community of radically generous women building a $1B perpetual fund to support women working on the World’s To-Do List.

On the cover of very first SHEEO Magazine

BE and Selma Blair, who's life changed when she found the Alinker, are on the cover of the very first SHEEO Magazine that was presented early March at the SHEEO Summit in Toronto. Jenny Rudd is the amazing editor who went to meet the kindest yet fiercest leader Jacinda Ardern.

Selma Blair made this video to express her support and involvement of SHEEO and why she is on the cover with BE Alink. This video was shown at the SHEEO Summit in Toronto March 2020, and it was emotional... people were so touched... If we show up for each other... be real... we can build a world for and by us all, a world so much kinder.... in generosity and love.

Here is the link to access and read the whole SHEEO magazine with pages about SHEEO ventures, the Founder story of Vicki Saunders and so much more. There are also 8 pages with Selma and BE, with and about the Alinker.

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"The Alinker is a game changer!"

- Selma Blair
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