Run for your LIFE
In this newsletter you will read about a few people who are doing marathons on their Alinkers. Kevin is 73, has severe back problems and cannot walk more than a few steps without pain. Heather used to run marathons, but MS took it all away, like with Allison, who is now using her races to raise funds for others. Harley had his foot amputated and some other challenges and continues to challenge himself to go further. Since they got their Alinker, they all worked so hard, put in so many hours and determination to get to this point. We like to celebrate these amazing people!  Read these amazing stories. When design matches your determination. The Alinker is a mindset thing! 

Run for your LIFE 

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The BE hive
Immortality - The race

A couple of weeks ago I received an email that made me emotional, as you might have heard my mum passed away half a year ago, and she was the inspiration for the first thoughts, that then lead to the invention of the Alinker.

So, this was the email:

“I am running my first event since I started my walking and running with my Alinker.

It is the Vegas Strong 5k or 1 Mike walk event. It is for the mass shooting that occurred and here at a music event. They asked me who was I running for I said for all the disabled that thought a race could not be possible.

Then they ask for a name. I thought I might run for BE’s mum because of her, the Alinker made it possible for me.

She went on and asked: “Would it be ok if I added her name on my race bib?”

Thank you for all the joy I have because of this incredible invention.

I replied to her email and said that my mum would be so proud of her doing this run, and of course she could use my mum’s name, which I then shared with her, Antonia Esman.

On the 25th Sep I then received another email from her, with these photos attached. Seeing the name of my mum on her bib made me cry. So much gratitude for my mum, for Allison, for seeing her name and knowing that this is what being immortal is.  

Allison wrote in this email, accompanied by these photos:  

“I ran / walked and finished the race. I am so grateful for the Alinker. I feel like I can be in this world again not that I ever left but now I am active and participating. Again the last hill I might not have been able to finish. But I had the Alinker I paused had some water took a few breaths and the walked to the top.

I am very emotional today. Happy and sad. I have signed up for another race on 10/31 for Alzheimer research and care. This new freedom of movement has changed me a bit.

Before the race people stopped me to look at the Alinker when I was picking up my credentials. I let people open and close and watch me load and unload it into my car.

One of the gentlemen was impressed that I could do the loading. Since I am less vertically gifted than he. He assumed that it would be difficult. It was not.

You all are so amazing and your company and beliefs shall change this world for the better.

Tremendous love and gratitude,

Allison Bonanno

Kevin Suffern sent BE an email: 


This was my Alinker workout this morning. 8.57 miles in 94 minutes with an average speed of 5.5mph, top speed 14+mph with an average heart rate of 128bpm.

Without my Alinker at age 73 anything approaching this would be utterly impossible for me. The one word I ascribe to my Alinker is EMPOWERING!

Thank you for bringing such an empowering device into the world. My Alinker purchase is by far and away the best $2200 I have ever spent.

This video was taken the moment Heather got her Alinker, ONE year ago.  She said then: "now I can go to the aquarium again.." ONE year later, Heather runs marathons again... 

an ALINKER birthday

Heather Plummer Goodrich shared on social: 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY BELLE! (My Alinker). WHAT A JOURNEY IT HAS BEEN. In celebration of Belle’s first birthday we will take on the Marine Corp Marathon (26.2 miles) and the Marine Corp 10k 6.26 miles) this coming weekend. I will be doing this virtually because of the Pandemic. This is my only shot at a MCM medal. The Theme of the Marathon is “Run with Purpose: The Marine Corp Marathon is one of the MOST prestigious and difficult Marathons in the country. There are approx. 20,000+ runners from all over the world that will be participating. I will be the ONLY Alinker. There is an expression. “Every Mile is earned not Given”. Man do I understand just that. I must “BEAT the Bridge at mile 18 and 20. What that means is I have to maintain a 12 -14 min pace for 20 straight miles. I cannot step off the gas. This is extremely difficult for any ‘runner’. Now factor in MS and Biliteral footdrop. I am the MS Marathon Runner with bilateral footdrop that will fight for every step. None of this would be possible without my BELLE. Belle is my legs. She is part of ME. When I trip over my own feet, she catches me. When I cannot go any further, she carries me. Belle has given me the strength, courage, and confidence to keep moving. To my Alinker family I am running for you.
Brandon and BE

That first marathon is what started it all. A vision, a community that is going viral. Together we will change the way folks view “Disability”. YOUR miles are my miles. No matter what mobility challenges life throws at US. WE will continue to PUSH ahead and endure. Having a disability does not mean WE are not capable!!! I am also running for two VERY Special Retired Marine Runners Sara and Stephen.

These two exemplify the true definition of a Marine. No matter what they put others first. They live by a code of integrity and Honor. Sara is a cancer survivor and warrior. She is kind, smart and one of my Biggest Cheerleaders. When Belle and I took “our Maiden Voyage” Sara was right by my side every step of the way. Stephen is “navigating a cancer diagnosis. “ . For the record Stephen just completed the Marine 50K last night. Stephen is an encourager by nature. No matter what he is going though he puts others first. From the moment Belle and I started running together he encouraged me to “reach for the stars.” “GO FOR IT”. Well go for it and GO Beyond. In fact, Stephen is the one who lit the fire for Belle and me to participate in MCM. I am asking everyone for sweet thoughts, Prayer, positive JUJU what ever it is you do. I am also asking everyone if you can Hop over to the and read the stories. If you feel led donate a little bit to a campaign. So many are waiting to receive their Alinker and their shot of independence and wellness. 

I would also to shout out to Harley Salter (see last newsletter) who will be running the London Marathon on Oct 4 as well. He also will be running on his Alinker. Click on the photo to go to his announcement! 

Crowdfunding Campaigns 

We received so many campaign requests, that the waiting list has grown to hundreds of people and the number of campaigns we get completed have decreased due to the effects of covid.  

So we are currently not accepting new applications to crowdfund on the Alinker website. We have this long waiting list and would like to accommodate those who are waiting before accepting new campaigners.

If you need further  assistance or would like more information on crowdfunding on your own, please email
NEW campaigns to launch soon!

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- Selma Blair
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