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People often ask: "eh.... why are you talking about food, I thought you were selling these cool bikes! ".... so yes we are a bit of a weird company, and it requires a bit more explanation to some folks. So with great joy, we developed this animated video to explain what we are all about.

We always say that it is not about the bike...
and Alinker is a vehicle for change?  
Just watch
this is us

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The Alinker Family Farm

ok, so now you know why we talk about a farm, let us introduce you to the Alinker Family Farm in Kentucky. Why Kentucky? It started with Emily launching a crowdfunding campaign for Brandon, her husband who has MS and CRPS. Emily herself was born with hip dysplasia and had some surgeries that were not all successful. The story caught our attention and Selma Blair then decided to gift Brandon his Alinker. As you can imagine his life changed.

We got to know each other and we learned all about them. Due to MS and how our sick-care system works, Brandon had lost his job and navigated the edge of homelessness before they returned to Kentucky to live on the garage floor of his mum. They shared their experiences growing up in a food desert and the consequences it had to their health. We learned a lot more about them, all stuff that we can leave in the past, as we build a better future. Together.

Fast forward one year, both Brandon and Emily are Alinker users, employed by the Alinker and live in Kentucky, stewards to the land that Brandon grew up on, where we are now actively building the Alinker Family Farm, hosting 4 more young adults who they have taken into their lives, providing them with a safe place to be healthy and in community.

Bradley is one of them, a local guy who is now 20 years. He was last year 450Lbs and through living and working on the farm, in community and eating mostly plant-based food, he is now 270Lbs and healthier than ever. 

Last year the farm was a neglected, overgrown, unmaintained and trashed plot of land with destroyed houses and trailers on it. Less than a year later, the old structures are demolished and removed, 5 acres have been cleared, a new home with, septic, electricity and water is installed. Complete surveys have been done by a regenerative forester and a regenerative farmer. We developed a 7-10 year plan to build this farm into a food hub in the midst of this huge food desert where people are currently dependent on deepfreeze meals. The initial plans are focused on regenerating soil and producing biodiverse seeds to heal the land and create circumstances to grow healthy food, ultimately to provide local produce for 27.000 people in their county. 

We are looking forward keeping you informed about the farm and the developments over the next few months. You will find regular updates in this newsletter.  Let us know what you like to know more about. 
Health is mobility, community and healthy food. 
we build access. 

Keith: "if you got the drive, Alinker has the technology"

When you purchase an Alinker, we give you a 6-month FREE membership to the Alinker Academy We give you this SPECIAL OFFER because the Alinker Academy is an amazing community and we want you to have the full experience with your Alinker! There is more than 20 hours of online classes specifically designed for the Alinker. Yoga, dance, exercises, stretch, strengthen, and so much more! 

Keep moving and let's do it together
Crowdfunding Campaigns 

We received so many campaign requests, that the waiting list has grown to hundreds of people and the number of campaigns we get completed have decreased due to the effects of covid.  

So we are currently not accepting new applications to crowdfund on the Alinker website. We have this long waiting list and would like to accommodate those who are waiting before accepting new campaigners.

If you need further  assistance or would like more information on crowdfunding on your own, please email
NEW campaigns to launch soon!

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"The Alinker is a game changer!"

- Selma Blair
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