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Exactly one year ago

We launched the Alinker in Zürich Switzerland with our partner Caro Bayer, who is an Alinker user herself. Lori came over from Austria to try the Alinker out. This video shows what happened with her the weeks after she took one back to Austria. 
The Journey to XSmall

by: BE Alink, inventor of the Alinker
The journey to develop the Xsmall Alinker has been a process of more than 5 years.  In May 2015 I met Yumi in Amsterdam, she was traveling the world, her means of transportation: her wheelchair.  She tip-toed but loved it. There, in Amsterdam, I made Yumi a promise, she would have an Alinker her size. 

Last year I went to visit Yumi in Japan, as I was working on the development of the XS in Taiwan, and explore possible partners and requirements for the Japanese market. Yumi and I became dear friends and she is our lead in Japan. (more to follow)

The process of product development is hard to explain, it requires funds, time, overcoming geographical and language barriers, but... the first XS prototype is now in Toronto and is ready for testing. 

Join us at our LIVE on The Alinker World at 1pm EST Wednesday 19th August, for a LIVE showcase of the prototype with full explanations. BE will be at the LiquidGym in Ottawa, partners for the AlinkerAcademy. We'll go live together and have special announcements! 

When I unpacked the XS prototype and took it outside, this kid Colin, only 6 years old jumped on. He didn't even wait for me to adjust the seat, though it would still be too high for him, the XXS is his size (later this year). Colin wears a brace due to Spina Bifida. His mum was so surprised. "He does not like any device" she said.  

As Colin made himself comfortable on this XS, he said: "this is my car mum". 

I can't wait to see all the smaller adults and kids who's lives will be changed! 
We are anticipating to launch the pre-sales campaign for the XSmall Alinker, during the month of October 2020, Disability Awareness month. With campaigns for Europe, North America and Japan. 
The XS will be suitable for people with inseam between 22" and 27" (roughly 10 years old and up)

If you want to be on the mailing list to get notified before we go live, so you can snatch up the early bird deals on these campaigns, please email us.
In the header put: XS EARLY BIRD
Brandon's poem

(click here for the full post)

In a world without language for you.. just BE
When uncertainty has driven you into scarcity mindset... just BE
Find your breath.. the only thing you will always have and just BE
No longer an accomplice to the comfort of society... just BE

My truths are the truths of ALL and I owe it to the future generations to share them so they can just BE
When we walk in awareness we may feel the pain of unbearable injustices all around
but it is the only way we can just BE
The blacklivesmatter movement is a cry to just BE

Together we are building a community of people showing up for one another
sharing love and light because we need it to just BE
We put up the walls of isolation because a cry can only go unheard
so many times before you can’t just BE
Those cry’s go unheard no more.. this is our time to just BE

The facts are in! We aren't the minority 😠
We are the vast majority of the world that wants to live in kindness and just BE
Join our movement not only on but inside of yourselves.
The majority of the world wants to just BE in community and kindness.

To be seen, heard, and felt. Just BEing together in kindness.
We are the #alinkerfamily and we tear down the walls of isolation
because we understand how important it is to be able to just BE

Don’t just read the captions and not comment.. We are here. We want this for you too. A #yellowvehicleforchange can be yours no matter the walk of life or income level. 
#justBE apart of the community and speak your truths 🤗 Together we move differently 
August offer! 

The Alinker Academy launched, giving you access to 20+ hours and 40+ different Alinker-specific classes with exercises, yoga, sports, stretching, strengthening, dancing and lots more. A spectacular online community to engage with. For all Alinker users around the world!  NEW, virtual rides to be added!  

When you buy an Alinker in August 2020,
                     we give you a 6-month FREE membership

COVID impact: The demand for bikes worldwide has gone up, so we are likely looking at longer production times in the future. The reason is tensions between China and the USA have caused a much increased demand on Taiwanese manufacturers in general, including the production of the Alinkers. The new Small Alinkers will arrive in USA early September. All the rest will still ship in 2-3 weeks. So for now we are still good, but shipping times might increase in the near future.
Steppin' UP 

Marla Glen, The Glen, Sir Glen, is a total fan of the Alinker.  Marla's new album is a gem, you can get it here and get in the mood for the Alinker steppin' it up in October, when we launch the XSmall Alinkers with Marla's song Steppin' UP!!!!! 

The BE Hive, this week is a podcast with BE

Listen to the podcast: 'Create a movement'

Host is: Marysia Czarski
Founder Velocity Partnership & Entrepreneur's Velocity

Two campaigns LIVE now! Support them HERE

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"The Alinker is a game changer!"

- Selma Blair
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