We listen to you
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We listen to you

We always ask for your feedback, and we like to thank you for being so generous to take the effort of giving us your feedback and many suggestions. Our aim is to make the Alinker and all related products and activities a better experience for you.
Know that we listen to you when you give us feedback, we do take that to heart and always try to respond to your needs and suggestions.

Here are a few results from listening to your suggestions:
Often people ask us whether the Alinker could have a power assist. Going up slopes can be challenging. Last week when we attended the Rehabilitation Equipment Expo in Richmond BC. There we had the chance to see a SmartDrive and 'play' around with it a bit to see whether it could work on the Alinker. Why reinvent the wheel??          


A SmartDrive is used as a power assist on wheelchairs, but what happens when you mount it on the front of the #Alinker? You do not kick in that location with your feet, the mounting needs to be adjusted a bit, but we figure it can work! It is easy to take off as well, simply lift it up.
We are going to experiment with it, mount it properly and see what happens when you Alinker with a SmartDrive. Safety is always first, so we will do tests and report back here. Here is a link so you can check it out.


Here you are getting a sneak peak preview of the bags we have developed. These photos are the prototypes and do not have all the smart straps, handles and smaller pockets on it. These will soon be added to our online shops where you'll find the descriptions of all the details and material. 

Alinker saddle

Now, what we cannot show you yet, are the photos of the prototypes of the Alinker specific saddle. This is due to patent development and manufacturer negotiations. Once the patent is filed we will have a few saddle prototypes that can be tested by some selected Alinker users.
We are confident that the Alinker specific saddle will be available in 2017. When is hard to say because it depends on the testing, needed adjustments (it always takes multiple prototypes) and then manufacturing. But rest assured, we are working on it and the first impressions of improved comfort and balance are very positive.


The Alinker book

For some time I have been working on the Alinker design book which we are going to publish in 2017. Soon we will make it available for pre-sales on our website.

The title is The Alinker, REVERSE DESIGN... 

Reverse design you ask? What is that?!

Well, it is a term I made up. There are many terms for various approaches to design, but none of them actually capture how I design. As I like to take you through the design process of the Alinker, it is important to understand what drives and motivates me as a designer. As a designer I am always looking for a context. I am curious, do not take things for granted, always question what I see, question whether it actually works, whether it does what it needs to do and whether there could be something better. Does it suit the human? Does it make you feel something?

The book will address the complete process, illustrated with photos and many back stories as well as testimonials.

There are three parts to my design process, equally important. People, Philosophy and Product.

Whenever I see a problem I always try to reverse it to see a completely different perspective, or rather an opportunity, a way something or someone wants to be. Often the problem instantly disappears, because I do not focus on the problem... We are so trained to define a problem statement, to then solving the pain resulting from that problem. All the business models are based on solving the pain. Which means we always see every subject we design for as a problem statement. People are not defined by being a problem, nor do they want to be. So when reversing the problem the solution is completely different too.


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The 'TOGETHER' Thought

When a speech about the lack of human decency is called politics, then we know that there is a lot wrong with our current politics.  Our leaders should at least be decent human beings as they set the example that justifies behavior.  (reference to Meryl Streeps speech)

Regardless of our leaders, let's make this world kinder and more inclusive together, TOGETHER we have that power

with love

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