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Cindy and Yumi


Let's kick it up a notch

You can do this week 1 of these 3 things to help blow the
Alinker campaign out of the park!

Pre-order your Alinker at the Alinker Indiegogo
campaign and share the campaign with friends. 
The campaign ends on the 20th June

Contribute to an Alinker for someone else,
with $20 - $90 you can also nominate someone!

Tell us about an organization / company who would like to have great exposure for their name / brand at the L A Fashion week and at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in Moscow during October. See more info below here.   

(Your logo can be on this wall  ..... and.... and.... and...  )

Get great exposure for your company or organization

at the L A Fashion week, early October
at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in Moscow, late October.

We have added a very special perk for sponsors! You can sponsor incredible run way events in which models with cerebral palsy will use Alinkers!
If you want more information about the event and sponsorship, go directly to the campaign, the sponsorship is the first and featured perk.

With a sponsorship of USD $5000, your organization / company gets great exposure! Your name and logo will be mentioned in all the press releases, at three events including the VIP/Media Reception, the LA Fashion Week show on Oct. 2 and at the International PWD Fashion Conference, Oct. 3 and 4, as well as during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in October the 21-22nd October, on the websites of Bezgraniz Couture as well as the Alinker Inventions Ltd. They will be printed in the show programs and in the hand outs at these shows. You will also receive a graphic that you can add to your own website, showing that you support People With Disabilities.

This is an example of the Bezgraniz Couture Fashion show, founded by Janina Urussowa.  On the 2nd October in Los Angeles, this show will have models with cerebral palsy on the runway, on Alinkers!  Then on the 21-22nd October, the same show will be at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in Moscow, again with Alinkers!  Can you imagine fashion models who have cerebral palsy, using cool brushed aluminum Alinkers? You can sponsor this show and help make that happen!


We partner with Bezgraniz Couture (fashion without borders) during the L A Fashion week in October and the Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Moscow! 


When will the Alinkers arrive?

The first batch Alinkers are on their way from Taiwan to North America as we speak!  We have added new perks so you can pre-order your Alinkers of the second production run.

Click here to order your Alinker or make a contribution now:

Moses Znaimers conference is held on 15, 16 and 17th June in Toronto
Barbara Alink has been invited to be one of the speakers

Barbara Alink | TEDxEastVan 
'Dignity Through Movement for an Aging Population'

watch now  
Please note: Due to some technical synchronization problems in the first video link we sent, TEDx edited the video and uploaded it again with a new link. When you share with friends, please delete the old link and references.


All upcoming events are listed on Facebook

Thank you for your ongoing support


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