a Revolution of Inclusion
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Why do we talk about
a revolution of inclusion?

Because too many people feel excluded, isolated and lonely in our world, judged by the sum of physical appearances. How can we survive on the 'us and them' premise, we loose our humanity when we are guided by negative sentiments towards 'the others'.

We can do so much better!  We move differently together.

We live in challenging times, and we are increasingly tested on who we are and who we want to be. We like to focus on possibilities and showing up for each other, regardless. Building an inclusive community, with the Alinker as the vehicle to get there.

Five years ago we started as a one woman initiative. Now we are a team of 8 people plus great partners,  hundreds Alinkers already in use, hundreds more in production, people using Alinkers in Canada, Russia, the USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and Switzerland!  Just imagine!

You have always supported us, shared your feedback and told your friends about the Alinker. We could not have done it all without you and we need you going forward. Thank you.

There is so much more we can do together. Please keep sharing your experiences and feedback, and tell everybody you meet about the Alinker and how it impacts lives. Then we keep improving, making the Alinker more accessible for everybody, organize events where we can meet each other, develop accessories, develop the kids Alinkers, and share our vision of an inclusive community and keep focusing on possibilities.  

Together we create the R-volution of Inclusion

You inspire us,
the stories you share with us

Nadia: "I took it out yesterday for a walk on the river and to lunch with a former walking buddy. Our first such adventure out in over 2 years!"

Vickie: "I have tried different types of scooters and electric bicycles but never liked them or how low I was. Now I can be at the height of other people and go for bike rides with my husband! I have a weak right side but, can still move my arm and leg enough to use it. I can go to parks and museums and go around easily".

Linda about her husband: "He is loving it, and is going off on his own to our local mail boxes - once around the block. It is giving him a freedom that he has not had in while, and I feel very comfortable being able to let him go out on his own without worrying that his legs might give out. He can certainly get some pretty good speed going, to the effect that I have to speed walk or jog in order to keep up with him. It has been a very long time since he was faster than I am". :D

Alinkers on the runway of Bezgraniz Couture show

during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Moscow

Watch this video!  (click on the photo below)

forward to 10:10min. and 17:25min.
Bezgraniz Couture- Spring/Summer 2017
Alinkers at 10:10min. and 17:25min. with Jack Eyers (Super model, amputee) riding the grand finale of the Bezgraniz Couture fashion Show on the Alinker!
A total of 36 models, people with disabilities, showing off the coolest wearABLE cloting, designed for comfort and coolness, regardless!  

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