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In this newsletter we start a series around neural plasticity, the importance of activating your brain, BE's hive with Luca, a special story about determination and how Heather became a Marine Corps Marathon Champion on her Alinker, and ... our special offer to keep your brain activated
The importance of activating your brain

This is an introduction and as such, the first in a series of posts about the importance of activating your brain. After a stroke, Autism, depression, while rehabilitating, or when you have MS, traumatic pain, paralysis, Parkinson's Disease, the brain plays a crucial role in our mobility, yet is often disregarded in our medical system that primarily prescribes medication without making suggestions about the things we can do ourselves. There is a lot we can do, but we need to learn about it, have access to it, understand the importance of it.

So we start with this series about the brain. #activateyourbrain

The brain wants to work, we just have to activate it. Over the years we have noticed how people often say after they did an Alinker ride: "I am tired, but I feel energized". With these comments we started wondering what it is the Alinker specifically does. On the Alinker you sit with your sitbones on the back edge of the seat, which tilts your pelvis back a bit. This opens up the spine and shoots direct messages to the brain while your legs make the movement of walking. It completes the feedback loop, moving our body informs our brain, so it can activate the body. 

Over the next weeks, we are going into the essence of neural plasticity, the possibilities and our collaboration with Dr. Gretchen (
Physical Therapist & MS Specialist) who knows all about neural plasticity and what we can do to help our brain, help our body. 

This video was made by Caro, our distributor in Switzerland who has MS herself, and in this video gets Sandro on his Alinker back to his car. Sandro had a brain haemorrhage and is rehabilitating. The Alinker is super instrumental for him to relearn moving and speech. 

BE's hive

LUCA meets Santa

Luca had the day of his life when Santa visited their school in Melbourne. After all the kids went up one by one to meet Santa and get a present, Santa got up and came right up to Luca and said: "I love your bike mate, that is one heck of a cool bike!" Luca was amazed and did not know what to say. Luca's mum Prue witnessed it and said he was lost for words, but that she has never seen him so happy, he radiated. 

Left to right: Luca, Santa and Ollie (the little brother of Luca) who now only responds to Sonic. 

Luca's little brother Ollie identifies strongly with Sonic the Hedgehog, to the point that he only listens to that name. He LOVES his brother and does everything with him through out the day. With the Alinker they can take it all up a notch!

When Design Matches Determination

Everything that is possible when you activate your brain

On October 7th 2019 Heather Goodrich traveled with her husband Bernie to share some light and love. Heather's passion for marathon running never left even though Multiple Sclerosis had added a long list of logistics. This early October day was going to be the first race for a fellow MS warrior and the lifetime spent training and running in marathons was now valuable information. Information I (Brandon) and BE were gonna need to be able to complete this race.

Race day was intense. A huge crowd of runners gathered at the starting line before the sun even came up. The dew was thick in the air and it made it hard to breathe. The first lap was like swimming. By the end of the first lap I didn’t know if I would be able to breathe well enough to complete. I felt it, that overwhelming sense of defeat. That's when love and light matter the most. In us all is the determination to do the impossible. with community and reverse design we can all conquer these moments in life. With a fresh drink of water and a quick handful of nuts we set out for the next few miles. My Shero and I are running because this is the type of world that we want to live in.

The second lap ushered relief from the wet air . The sun was now coming up and with it warmer dryer air. We began to pick up speed and pass people left and right. That's when it hit me. I was running in a marathon. I will never fully understand what the appeal is. Lots of running and always at the finish line people just so tired they can’t even stand. Thoughts were flowing freely now as I kept up my pace and focused on my breathing. “I made this choice” I decided to go and do something hard. Something that pushes the envelope because I wanted to. Agency! 

After we finished the first few laps it began to be thoughtless. It was like someone had just turned on the running switch and walked out of the room. The race for community was already won. We had started this race to raise funds for a mother and daughter that both needed the freedom to say “hey I choose to do that!” The funds were well over the goal and we were even able to allocate the extra funds to other active campaigners already in a race all their own. 

BE Alink had a big surprise for Heather after the race. The Alinker BE was using to run her first marathon was to be given to Heather at the end of the race. Heather had discovered that something wasn’t right during a marathon. After a couple doctors visits she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Her unstoppable drive to push the limits of what is physically possible never left. Diagnosis or not she was going to continue running.

Heather did just that. She continued to train and run in races. With added logistics Heather had to adapt. She used braces on her legs and trekking poles to conquer those logistics. She continued on until she placed dead last in a 5k..

That day Heather retired from marathon running. As much as she loved the thrill of pushing the limits, Multiple Sclerosis had added a long list of logistics and no assistive devices matched her determination. Or so she thought! A magazine changed that line of thought. A fellow MS warrior and voiceful advocate for the health and wellness of patients with Multiple Sclerosis had been featured in People magazine. Selma Blair shared about a mobility device that was a “Game Changer” in her MS journey. Heather's world changed, she knew in that moment that she would get to run again. Agency!

After my race day Heather and I built a beautiful friendship. BE and I both finished a half marathon and Heather was right there at the fish line to congratulate us. BE stepped off her Alinker and gave it to Heather. Now she was a proud owner of her very own Alinker. With her Alinker she not only could compete she was fast! Everyday she goes out and trains and everyday the distance she could go increased. Now with a vehicle that matched her determination Heather set her sights on one of the hardest marathons in the united states, MCM.

What started as an entry to a typical marathon changed when Covid 19 added even more logistics. Now Heather would be running virtually and without the support of the crowds cheering everyone on. This didn’t scare Heather though, she has been running a silent race for years without support and this wasn’t going to stop her.

With the change up in the Marine Marathon due to Covid, a new space was created for those trying to push the realms of what is physically possible. A new category for ambitious runners… the Trifecta! A marathon, a 50K, and a 10K to finish it off. This is exactly what Heather was working so hard for.

Not only did Heather sign up for the Trifecta, she completed all three events in regulatory time! 10K at 1 hour 15 seconds. MCM in 3 hours 49 minutes and 10 seconds. MCM50K in 4 hours 30 minutes and 4 seconds!

“The Alinker is not a cure. It is not easy. I have MS. I fall down.. I wear braces.. Fear, pain and fatigue can push a body into a sedentary pattern. This is your vehicle for change. All of our dreams are significant. My dream was to become the 1st Alinker marathon runner to complete in regulatory time and I did just that! 26.2 miles 3hrs 49 min 10 seconds” - 
Heather R Goodrich

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