51 campaigns completed!

Let's change the narrative


The 51st campaign just reached its goal in 6 hours!!!  51 campaigns - imagine!!

The people who do their crowdfunding campaign on our site, are not asking for money. They are sharing their experiences, so we can get some insight in what life looks like when you receive a diagnosis, survive a stroke or an accident and all of a sudden find yourself at the receiving end of a 'sickcare' system that drives people into poverty.

They share in all honesty what it looks like to be confronted with mobility challenges, loss of job, high medical bills, people disappearing because they are uncomfortable...  

These things can happen to all of us, we are all just vulnerable creatures, but in our vulnerability, lays our strength. So let's create a community where we show up for each other in kindness. The more we show up for each other, the more we become. Together we are so much better!

The people who start a campaign have been confronted with life, and made a decision who they want to be. In fact they are the ones who know a bit more about life. They chose to do a campaign in order to get an Alinker. They all have a vision of how it will get them out and active again. They start their campaigns to share their stories, and to create the possibility for all of us, to show up with generosity.  

By supporting the campaigns, you don't just change their lives, you might change your own as well. 

Join the movement of kindness and our growing Alinker family
Be generous to the campaigns here

This video.... wow.... watch it, but mostly just feel it.... what is possible when we come together in community.... On the 7th September 2019, in Ottawa, Canada, 50 people did this 2K ride together, on Alinkers.  50 People who would not dream of doing a run due to mobility issues.  Some people went to do more loops and did 3, 4 and even 5K within the hour!!!    #Togetherwearebetter    See front page of the @OttawaCitizen

Join us now, change some lives

"The Alinker is a game changer!"

Selma Blair 
Join our community of kindness!
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