Collective campaign,
with right links! 

Dear all INSIDER followers,

Have you ever thought: "why would I start an Alinker campaign? I have no friends who could support it, and strangers would not support it for sure?" 

That is exactly why we do this! We invite generous people to show up, support and created partnerships with the companies that Selma loves, to sponsor our first collective campaign!
Together we move differently. In time and at milestone moments, Selma will announce the campaigns that can be completed with all the funds we collectively raise here. We show up for each other. 

Step in and up to this movement of kindness, follow and share this link of our first collective campaign we launched:

Selma: "I want this for everybody"

"Alinker is a game changer" - Selma Blair. This is more than a walking bike, this is about family, belonging, mobility, freedom, agency and connecting with each other in kindness, feeling whole.

This campaign is supported and sponsored by:

NUNUNU Coming soon, the global kids' concept brand will be releasing a limited edition tee shirt dedicated to Selma - All proceeds are donated to this campaign (see below)

AWEinspired creates meaningful gifts that give back - 20% of your purchase will help SO many people gain their independence and mobility (see below)

This medication helped Selma through bad flares  (see below)

ALINKER for every Alinker purchased in Canada or the USA before the 31st January 2020, Alinker will donate $50 to the campaign (does not apply for rent-to-own) 

To support an individual campaign, or start your own campaign here 

Please share and engage via our Alinker social media channels.
Announcements and promotion will be done through:

BE's personal
Alinker FB

Alinker is a certified B Corporation and a SheEO venture
#Alinker is a vehicle for change
the Alinker Family is growing, connected, engaged, and with kindness, generosity and love

3 months of work, the difference!
We just released a video of Jennifer that just blew us away, realizing it had only been three months since she received the Alinker 
'This thing is not built for comfort,
  but for agency and independence'
Support a campaign - Change a life

Useful links

Visit active campaigns and donate
Get support for setting up your campaign
Order your Alinker
Rent-to-own your Alinker
Get help with orders and sizing

Who to contact in your country


Before contacting us directly, please review our FAQs

  • United Kingdom: EMAIL
  • Australia: WEB
  • New Zealand: WEB
  • Switzerland, Germany, Austria: EMAIL
  • The Netherlands: WEB
  • Elsewhere: EMAIL 
For all international inquiries outside our distribution regions email here
Announcing price adjustments on the 1st January 2020

The retail price of the Alinkers worldwide is based on the USD $1977 because we pay our manufacturers in USD.  Price adjustments due to currency fluctuations were long overdue.

Here are the new prices, before possible applicable taxes in the region of operation and excluding local shipping to customers

The new prices are: 
All EURO countries € 1790
Switzerland CHF 2080
UK £ 1640
Canada CAD $ 2630
Australia $ 2900
New Zealand $ 3100

"The Alinker is a game changer!"

- Selma Blair
Join our community of kindness!
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