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New shipments - with a special gift
We are happy that since covid our manufacturing has only experienced slight delays, which mostly related to the international shipments. But we have good news, a new shipments is arriving this week and a second one in a few weeks time. 

We like to do something extra, add a gift to your Alinker, for all of you buying an Alinker in this time and being patient with understanding that delivery might take a week or so longer than usual. 

We have purchased beautiful hand made masks, made by an Indigenous woman in BC Canada. Indigenous Peoples are under threat and suffer harder consequences from covid and need our support. Gifting you one of these "Healing Waters" masks is one of our ways to honour an Indigenous entrepreneur. 

(this offer relates to Canada and the USA, and does not relate to rent to own and gently used Alinkers)

Please let us know what you think of them,  and hopefully we can look forward to many shares of new Alinker users with these beautiful masks.  
Honouring Indigenous Peoples
We have updated our website in support and honour of Indigenous Peoples around the world. 

The covid pandemic has unveiled inequalities, climate impact of industries and in general all the flaws of the systems that never really served us. The food and pharma industries designed to make money and not to support the overall wellness of us all. It becomes so clear in this time that all collapses. Going back to normal is not an option, normal was a crisis in many ways and for most people on the planet. We can do so much better together. 

In order to build back better, we need to redesign our food systems, and the way we live in community. We need our Indigenous wisdom in order to remember where we come from and to realize what we have lost, in order to take this opportunity in time, to really build a world for us and by us all. While we need Indigenous wisdom, the elders are dying, targeted and killed.  We need to protect our elders. 

Being a SheEO venture as well as a certified BCorp we measure our impact by working on the worlds-to-do list, through working on the Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs as initiated by the UN.

We acknowledge that we live on this Unceded land as uninvited visitors. We honour indigenous people and their values and this land by using our business as a medium to raise awareness, speak our truths, feel the unbearable injustice that was done, create communities based on deep values of respect and generosity, protect the wisdom of elders, hire indigenous people, build bridges, promote indigenous entrepreneurs and their businesses and do our own inner work to understand and acknowledge who we represent, choose who we are beyond what we represent by our looks so we can build bridges toward a world for and by us all, in community for the next 7 generations.
Jen is a SheEO activator and is a big fan of the Alinker, a SheEO venture
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