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Doing extraordinary things together

When we are diagnosed with MS, live with CRPS pain, have fibromyalgia or Cerebral Palsy, had an accident that broke neck or back, we are probably not thinking of doing a run or even less about doing a marathon.

Well this is changing.

As more people find their way onto an Alinker and more importantly, find the community of Alinkering people, possibilities are opening up.  Together we are so much better and we can do things we did not consider possible. 


JOIN and become part of the Alinker family.
Here are 3 events you should know about. 



8th September 2019 - Do The Ride, Ottawa

#DoTheRide with 50 people on Alinkers. People who never thought they would ever be able to do this again. We will all do the 2K and do this together. This event is going to be something else! BE Alink does not want to miss this, so come meet!  Organized by LiquidGym


7th October 2019 - Marathon, Bristol Tennessee
Brandon Lavoie and BE Alink are running this marathon to raise funds for a mother and daughter who each need an Alinker.  We will launch the campaign the evening of the 6th October, and then 24 hours later, we hope to announce that the campaign is complete! 

Brandon is a young man of 28, father of 2 very young boys and lives with MS. Then Selma Blair gifted him an Alinker, and now he is employed by the Alinker to support people who want to do a crowdfunding campaign and to build this movement together. Together we are better.

1/. Come cheer us on in person
2/. Watch our 
Instagram LIVE that day
3/. Donate to the campaign that we are running to support
4/. Share on social media

19th October 2019 - WATCH TV!  

CBS Innovation Nation will air the Alinker mini documentary! On the 19th July, CBS sent over the team to interview and film BE Alink. The shoot was done in Toronto on the water front and in the office of SheEO, and will be live on TV and available online after that. 

We will announce the link and also check out CBS Innovation TV

Visit ALL the active campaigns HERE

HERE is how you visit the active campaigns and DONATE
EMAIL for support for setting up your campaign
HERE is how you order an Alinker direct
HERE is how you rent to own

EMAIL for any question in relation to orders and sizing

For the UK EMAIL
For Australia visit HERE
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For Switzerland, Germany, Austria EMAIL
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EMAIL for queries for any other location

Before contacting us directly, please review the FAQ first
Frank is 80 years and did a successful crowdfunding campaign to get his own Alinker! 
Here is his campaign so you understand the difference the Alinker makes to him. Watch the video to the end... his smile is so amazing


The Alinkers are on back order now. 

NOTE: Alinkers are on back order now until October. The fastest way to get your Alinker is to place your order now and be placed on the waiting list. You'll be notified with the ETA soonest.

Please watch this video in which BE explains what happens behind the scenes of a start up getting the attention of Selma Blair.

At check out please use FREESHIPPING to get free shipping, our gift to you for your patience and understanding.

Since Selma Blair found the Alinker and published about her life changing experiences with it, we have experienced an increased demand for Alinkers. Video where Selma and BE Alink meet:

We are excited that more people are interested in staying active with an Alinker, but we need to ask for your patience. We are grateful for your patience as we build to scale up and get Alinkers to all of you soonest.

In the meantime, join the movement of kindness that is growing among Alinker users worldwide. You can sign up for the newsletter (scroll down the page) and follow us on

Selma Blair: "The Alinker is a Game Changer!" 


Register your Alinker

When you have purchased an Alinker, please note that you will need to

register it online in order for the warranty to be activated.

Have a look at our instruction videos

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