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2016 in review

2016 has been a year of many changes and challenges for the Alinker. It was also the year that the Alinker became available for many of you in North America. We focus on you and work for you, as you continue to inspire us and show us how much the Alinker means to you.

What happened?
We launched in North America; models with cerebral palsy and amputees used Alinkers on the runways of Bezgraniz Couture fashion shows in LA and Moscow; we added the Small and Large Alinkers; there are Alinkers making people happy in Canada, the USA, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, Belgium, Russia and New Zealand. We have communicated with and met many of new enthusiastic Alinker owners.

We are in the top 10
BEST INNOVATION awards of the Small Business BC Awards 2017 and we are selected to be one of the 25 semi finalists for SheEO !

One of the best things that happened to us is that we were able to grow our Alinker team with some tremendous people. Here they are so you know who you are dealing with. We are gearing up to for everything that we are going to do to make the Alinker an even better experience for you and make many more people happy with one...

In the meantime...  on the other side of the planet... ..
the Alinker is turning heads in New Zealand, and something is telling me that in 2017 we will hear a lot more from Christine!

A sneak-peek into 2017

During 2016 we have worked on many things behind the scenes. These events will all materialize in 2017 and let me tell you, it is going to be a spectacular year, especially when you keep sharing your experiences and build with us together a more inclusive community.

How about.....  (because we listen to you) ....

Become a certified
Introduce the Alinker specific
Introduce three
bags specifically developed for the Alinker!
The introduction of amazing inspiring Alinker brand
ambassadors in Australia, the UK and the USA!
Launching in
Australia and New Zealand!
An Alinker fleet presenting at a very prestigious
conference in Vancouver!
A very significant
partnership with a huge international Foundation for people with Disabilities and Education!
And something about a '
Haka' on Alinkers? (am I dreaming? :)
of the Alinker design book, 'people, philosophy, product development'!
and much more
especially more events

We love it when you share ideas and suggestions with us. Please send us an email at or send a direct chat via our new websites

For many of us 2016 has been a challenging year, but that is nearly over now... 

We wish you a beautiful, healthy, active and definitely more inclusive



In challenging times remember that kindness and love will always win. There is no 'us and them', there is just us, we all have to live together, we are really not that different.  We are not the sum of our physical appearance, we are all whole human beings who just want to be happy.  That is who we are. All the rest is what we 'have', it does not determine who we 'are'.  Lets build an inclusive and kind community.
Together we can, because together we move differently.

with love

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