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Since the Alinker has already changed many lives, we are now working on making the Alinker available in North America. Though this is not an easy process, we are excited and committed and invite you to help us.

John Perry Barlow (quote):
"I can’t thank you enough for inventing the Alinker. I can think of no other device, excepting the computer, that has had such an immediately positive effect on my life".

With your support we can reach more people faster. You can help us by talking and sharing about the Alinker in your networks. If it is just the one thing you can do, please forward this newsletter and ask everybody you know to get involved and subscribe to this newsletter via
Subscribers will get access to secret (and amazing) perks during our crowd funding campaign.  You don't want to miss these!!!



Firstly some inspirational examples of how the Alinker impacts lives:

You have probably seen how John Perry Barlow (lyricist of the Grateful Dead) is out and about again and in his words, can finally heal again, living a grateful life.
On his first trip out on the Alinker he went to the 'Panhandle' where a skater passed him by and said 'hey cool man!'  JP told us later: 'I never cared to be cool until I was not cool anymore'.  (though we all know he'll always be cool!).


Sarah Julin: 'I am teaching physics at Whatcom college. I have neuropathy in my feet, and various therapies have not been beneficial. With essentially no heel pads, just heel bones and skin left, standing on the concrete lab floors the whole day became progressively more painful and impossible. Since September 2015 I have been using my Alinker in college. I am now a science teacher on a cool piece of applied sciences, giving me at the start of the new year, instant authority.
I have regained the ability to work with students in the lab and being able to use the white boards. I can even take my dog for a fun real walk between classes.  I love it, it has giving me a whole new mobility opportunity that was closing down as my feet degenerated. Thank heaven Barbara is getting these fabulous wheels marketed in the USA!'' my Alinker is totally better than my other option: quit my job or use a wheelchair!'


Dave Bexfield: blogger and founder of ActiveMSer. He tests new products that might be good for people with MS. Here is the link to the complete Alinker product review Dave published. It provides good insight to whom can and will benefit from an Alinker:


Crowdfunding campaign

So how is this going to happen? In order to launch the Alinker in North America and make it available to many more people like John Perry Barlow for who the Alinker already means a life changing experience, we are going to start an INDIEGOGO crowd funding campaign in the next month. 

Our campaign is not only for people who wanted an Alinker the moment they saw it, but is also for people who want to contribute to Alinkers for others.

What we really want to do, is build a community around staying active, healthy and engaged, eliminating stigma affecting people with mobility challenges, but in order to do so, we need to sell Alinkers.

The way we design the campaign it will benefit everybody!
Our campaign will have options for people to buy an Alinker for a friend who does not have the means, or to make smaller contributions toward Alinkers for people who are financially exhausted. Contributors can then suggest some one to us and why they should win. For every Alinker that is 'donated together', we will draw one of the suggested names and announce the winners at the end of the campaign.

Start sending us your ideas!

People can also rally funds together to donate complete Alinkers for veterans, amputees  (we already donate 1 of each 100 Alinkers to people affected by land mines, veterans, wounded warriors). And we offer attractive discounts on packages for rehabilitation centers who buy more Alinkers at the time (possibly for clients who have organized with their physio therapists). 

A very special offer is for corporations who orders 20 or more Alinkers. A corporation with a large campus or buildings, has an interest to keep their staff active and engaged. On Alinkers staff moves faster, while getting a good cardio as they are having fun zipping around on an Alinker. These Alinkers can possibly be customized in their corporate colors!  

... and of course there will be some special rewards for the early birds, or what do you think of an Alinker T-shirt with cool quotes from Alinker users??

Like John Perry Barlow said:

'I Alink, therefor I walk".


TEDx speaker Barbara Alink

On the 23rd April TEDxEastVan hosts an event,
the theme is 'MOVE'.


One of the twelve speakers is Barbara Alinker,
inventor of the Alinker. Her talk is 'Design for Transition'.

The LIVE-streaming link will be shared in the next newsletter.


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